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How would you like to help save the world?
You feel that something's... wrong. You don't quite remember what you were doing the moments before you now find your eyes trying to adjust to the darkness, the cold; you're somewhere underground, soldiers milling all around you. There are dog tags around your neck and some kind of digital imprinting on your wrist that seems to glow in the dark and reads: REGISTERED HERO.

"So, hero," says a woman's voice, her face in shadows as a machine hums into glowing blue life behind her. "You're about to be a part of something bigger than yourself; I hope you're up for it." Before you can answer, you're ushered somehow upward, leaving you with only her final words -- "Don't worry. We're the good guys." -- before you're enveloped in blue light and suddenly blinking the bright Florida sunlight from your eyes. A soldier escorts you to a car, where she proceeds to debrief you on the situation as she drives you to your lodgings. Your home, for now.

Settle into your new house, your new job, get used to your powers, make some friends, keep your ear to the ground. Or, if that's not your style, get your villain hat on and cause some real mayhem, or put on a costume and bring back the era of the caped crusader... just be careful how you do it. This is bigger than you, and you didn't ask to be recruited. What you do next is up to you.

MASK OR MENACE, sequel to [community profile] capeandcowl, is a panfandom RPG based on the graphic novel New Frontier and set in a parallel, modern day universe... with a twist. Although the year is 2015, some sentiments and technology may be more reminiscent of the 1950s Cold War era, and some may seem far flung from the future. Anti-hero sentiment runs rampant, but you're a special case. That and officially a government secret.

Will you use your powers for good, for evil, or will you even use them at all? The choice is up to you, Hero.





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