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Hello, Masks and Menaces! Sick of us yet? Don't worry; this is just a clarification as opposed to another dump of information.

We are currently concerned that there has been a miscommunication regarding our intentions in the info post regarding the War Missions. Specifically, in this paragraph:

Additionally, we realize that some players who had signed up for the call for military action wished to submit their own plots and ideas using military resources. This is still fine, though we ask that you submit them ASAP for the sake of expediency, and with the knowledge that these plans may be denied or revised by the military -- though if you do, however, need extra time, please let us know. While we will provide guidance for these, please be as thorough as possible in your plot requests, stating clearly what specifically you are uncertain about, what you hope your characters to find, or ask any necessary questions you will need to have answered for your idea in the initial plot request. Please be aware that while we will be providing a log for the previously stated missions, if your request for an independent mission is approved, you will be responsible for posting the corresponding log.

This was meant for players who wanted to play in missions outside of the ones we had already planned. No approval is necessary for playing in the delineated missions themselves unless you want your characters' team in to be successful in recapturing the kidnapped imPorts so that we could put up a separate log for the kidnapped imPorts to be rescued in!

Please continue submitting questions to us if you need answers, but don't hesitate to just jump in and start playing! We apologize for the confusion; we had just wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to stray from the missions we had written up could do so.

EDIT: Additionally, we had initially requested that players relay intel ICly and link to those threads in order to avoid infomodding, as we provided all pertinent information upfront for this plot. Because of this miscommunication, there has been a sizable delay, and we don't wish to hold anyone up further! You may simply communicate with your fellow players OOCly to discuss acquiring and dispersing the intel!
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[personal profile] daimeinashi 2016-01-28 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
just to confirm that I'm understanding this post right, we're allowed to assume that the missions (aside from the rescue) will succeed without submitting a plotting request to the mods, then?
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[personal profile] sidecars 2016-01-28 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
What about the acquisition of subs. Since the military wants it done, will that also be an automatic success if the team wants to try for it, or will that still need mod approval?

Thank you