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Character Name AliasUsername Superpowers Player
The 100
John Murphy n/a [personal profile] rekt Adaptation Jay
Raven Reyes n/a [personal profile] specialise Bionic Physiology, Regenerative Healing Factor Jade
The Adventure Zone
Angus McDonald n/a [personal profile] hellosirs Magic, Detective Gear Generation Molly
Magnus Burnsides The Hammer [personal profile] burlyboy Fighter, The Philosopher's Stone Fey
Taako Taaco n/a [personal profile] shittywizard Kind of a Shitty Wizard, Elven Physiology, Fantasy Loot Ry
Tetsuo Shima n/a [personal profile] iamtetsuo Psychokinesis, Energy Manipulation, Telepathy Cro
American Horror Story: Freak Show
Dandy Mott n/a [personal profile] affluenza Puppet Master, Blood Absorption, Costume Party Cass
American Horror Story: Hotel
James Patrick March The Master [personal profile] idesof Actual Ghost, Customary Libation, Heart Eyes Cyn
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Mai Cutthroat [personal profile] darted Knife Summoning, Enhanced Agility, Mental Suppression Muffin
Back to the Future
Emmett Brown Doc [personal profile] sciencestyle Electricity manipulation Zoki
The Bartimaeus Series
Kitty Jones N/A [personal profile] rathercommon Power immunity, shapeshifting, anti-magic amulet Hope
Beyond Belief
Sadie Doyle n/a [personal profile] marriedmedium Alcohol Mastery, Spooke Sense/Medium Jaina
Brave Police: J-Decker
Kagerou (BP-500X) n/a [personal profile] fuckinstoplights Robot Form, Stoplight Control, Perfect Memory Red
Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman Diesel [personal profile] hostage Damage Transferal, Accelerated Regeneration, Power Augmentation Pana
Brendan Frye n/a [personal profile] pale_blue_arrow Healing Factor, Mild Super Strength Troy
Bob's Burgers
Tina Belcher n/a [personal profile] continuousgroaning Supreme Chef, Intangibility Shurimon
Chronicles of Narnia
Lucy Pevensie The Valiant [personal profile] illuminescent Healing, Light Creation Mici
Cinders n/a [personal profile] glassfall Fire Affinity, Before Midnight Feather
Jeff Winger Wingman [personal profile] textualhealing Ego Hulk, Reactive Adaptation, Paintball Shooting Spam
DC Animated Universe
Terry McGinnis Batman [personal profile] aboveand Superpowered Suit, Grants Ace Partial Kryptonian Canine Physiology Kaitie
DC Animated (Teen Titans)
Tara Markov Terra [personal profile] taraincognita Geokinesis, Succulent Manipulation Erin
DC Comics (Preboot: New Earth)
Bruce Wayne Batman [personal profile] the_caped_crusader Bat Control Thirteen
Gemini de Mille Gemini [personal profile] stretchy_girl Elasticity, Shapeshifting, Amorphous Physiology Evy
Harleen Quinzel Harley Quinn [personal profile] itistolaugh Enhanced athleticism, immunity to toxins, hammerspace Jess
Hartley Rathaway The Pied Piper [personal profile] socialactivillain The Sound of Music, Ratspeak, Enhanced Hearing Ry
Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle [personal profile] khajidont Alien Tech, Perfect Scarab memory Fey
James Jesse The Trickster [personal profile] airshow Spontaneous Toy Generation, Chickenpathy, Endless Candy Pockets Emilee
John Constantine n/a [personal profile] heckblazer Dark Magic Jen
Klarion Bleak N/A [personal profile] beneathbluerafters Offensive magic, Telepathic connection to his cat Molly
Lucifer Morningstar n/a [personal profile] sunlighter Archangel Physiology, Pyrokinesis, Power of Creation Thirteen
Mick Rory Heatwave [personal profile] pyrogue Fire Suit/Gun, Burn Healing, Human Thermometer Zoe
Richard Swift The Shade [personal profile] foreshadower Immortality, Shadow manipulation, Shadow teleportation. Jill
Skeets n/a [personal profile] snarkbot Robot, Historical Shapeshifting Zoe
Theodore "Ted" Kord Blue Beetle II [personal profile] deadkord Gadgets, Dung Beetle Telepathy Ry
Zatanna Zatara Zatanna [personal profile] zee_zatara Logomancy Kabriel
DC Comics (New 52)
Andrew Pulaski Apollo [personal profile] itssacrifice Enhanced Physiology, Solar Absorption Rea
The Midnighter N/A [personal profile] heliophilic Implants, Limited Healing Factor, His apartment/doors Kaitie
DC Nolanverse
Jonathan Crane Scarecrow [personal profile] anxiogenic Nightmare Fuel, Fear Manipulation, Mnemokinesis Lisa
DC Extended Universe
Chato Santana El Diablo [personal profile] arsiento Pyrokinesis, Influence Resistance Gabbie
Barry Allen The Flash [personal profile] accelerate Super Speed Jade
Cisco Ramon Vibe [personal profile] picksthenames Vibing, Sonic Punch, Breaches Chris
Kara Danvers Supergirl [personal profile] clobbers Kryptonian Physiology, Limited Invulnerability, Hand to Hand Combat Pax
Laurel Lance Black Canary [personal profile] lightinside Canary Cry, Empathic Healing, Enhanced Memory Mary
Leonard Snart Captain Cold [personal profile] catchacold Puntastic Rei
Sara Lance White Canary [personal profile] canaria Canary Cry Tessa
Rincewind The Wizzard [personal profile] wizzardly Magic Sight, The Luggage, Human Lockpick Hound
Doctor Who
Adric N/A [personal profile] timeforgotten Alzarian Physiology, Mathematical Intuition, Mechanical Intuition Dani
Clara Oswald N/A [personal profile] ohmyclara Smoke transformation/manipulation, Frozen in time, Enhanced senses Giz
Danny Pink n/a [personal profile] soldierman Metal Manipulation, Cyber Communication, Built-in Calculator Hannah
The Twelfth Doctor Stop That [personal profile] helpline Time Lord Physiology, Instant Chalk Production, Sonic Screwdriver Kates
Dragon Age
Shale n/a [personal profile] notgneiss Golem Physiology, Elemental Jabbers
Aurican What is a hero? [personal profile] ofgoldenfoil Human Form, Dragon Form, Dragonbreath Devi
Lord-Governor Kang n/a [personal profile] governorkang Shapeshifting, InstaBlueprint, Heightened Senses Shae
Ex Machina (Wildstorm)
Mitchell Hundred The Great Machine [personal profile] viced Mechanopathy Jill
Nick Valentine n/a [personal profile] outofthepast Synth, Technomancy, "Human" Form GG
Final Fantasy 7
Aerith Gainsborough The Ancient [personal profile] 23wishes Cetra Physiology, Elemental Magic, Teleportation Nico
Shelke Rui The Transparent [personal profile] thelasttsviet Tsviet, Synaptic Net Dive Dalrint
Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric n/a [personal profile] uncanned Alchemy, Armor, Sword and Shield Jiora
Olivier Mira Armstrong Ice Queen [personal profile] darwinatrix Ultimate Weapon Mastery (and natural Armstrong super-strength) Nina
The Galaxy Railways
Manabu Yuuki n/a [personal profile] siriusly Regeneration, Punch Magnetism Elle
Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire
Catelyn Tully Stark Lady Stoneheart [personal profile] onlyvengeance Merrow Summon, Ultimate Mom, Scrying Kitteh
Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi [personal profile] jalan Fire Invulnerability, Drogon, Projective Empathy Brooklyn
Jaime Lannister Ser Jaime [personal profile] uncledad Gold Hand, Oathkeeper, Kingslayer Cee
Jon Snow Lord Snow [personal profile] song_of_ice Ghost, Warging, The Crow Rachel
Jorah Mormont Jorah the Andal [personal profile] khaleesipls Ser Bear, Healing Factor, Negation Rockefeller
Ned Stark n/a [personal profile] wintersfallen Leader of the Pack, Ice Ice Baby Squid
Petyr Baelish Littlefinger [personal profile] baetiful Monetary Manipulation, Mockingbird Transformation Jean
Robb Stark The Young Wolf [personal profile] honorobble Wolf Breath, Wolf Growth, Warging Mari
Sansa Stark Little Bird [personal profile] turned_to_steel Siren Song, Wing Manipulation, Force Armor Generation Wreckless
Theon Greyjoy Turncloak [personal profile] flayjoy Saltwater Generation, Put A Kraken On It Hannah
Generation Dead
Karen DeSonne n/a [personal profile] deadsmizing Living Impairment, Cosmetomancy Andy
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Motoko Kusanagi The Major [personal profile] prostheticbody Cyborg Body, Cyber-Brain, Thermoptic Camouflage Nat
Brianna The Breeze [personal profile] fayzedandconfused Superspeed Lor
Grey's Anatomy
George O'Malley n/a [personal profile] puppydoctor Regenerative Healing, Coffee Replenishment, Roadkill Reanimation Giz
Gundam Wing
Duo "Father" Maxwell Shinigami [personal profile] hellrisen02 Invisibility, Inaudibility, Scentlessness Kit
Abigail Hobbs n/a [personal profile] am_i_a_monster Knife Skills, Harpsichord Powers, Enhanced Sense of Smell Laura
Frederick Chilton Chief of Staff!! [personal profile] slightlyoffchilt Psychic (Vehicular) Driving and Sedative Fingertips Sara
Will Graham Wolf Trap [personal profile] infomodder Animal Adaptation, Mongoose Immunity, Shadowgrab Stag Cyn
Harry Potter
Percival Graves n/a [personal profile] gravedangers Magic, Power Sense Stacey
He Never Died
Jack n/a [personal profile] neverdied Mark of Cain, Wing Manifestation Spam
Sylar Gabriel Gray [personal profile] bosewicht Intuitive Aptitude, Limited Invulnerability, Enhanced Condition Brooklyn
Heathers the Musical
Veronica Sawyer n/a [personal profile] couldbebeautiful Slurpee Generation, Voice Mimicry, See the Me Inside of Me Effy
Kanaya Maryam Echidna [personal profile] glowsferatu Rainbow Drinker, Spaceweaving, Daughter Grub King
Inazuma Eleven
Kidou Yuuto Playmaker [personal profile] tacticianing Hissatsu, Chameleonic Cape, Wildcard Cro
Koujirou Genda n/a [personal profile] beastfang Hissatsu, Enhanced Endurance, Shadow Step Re
Sakuma Jirou n/a [personal profile] substrategist Hissatsu, Soccer Ball Generation Joey
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Dio Brando N/A [personal profile] dioception Vampire Physiology, Stand: The World, Stand: Hermit Purple Deca
Jonathan Joestar N/A [personal profile] fistofthejoestar Ripple, Stand, Enhanced durability/endurance Len
Josuke Higashikata n/a [personal profile] unbreaker Stand, Reptile Telepathy, Weatherproof Hair Joey
Jotaro Kujo n/a [personal profile] jojoceanman Stand: Star Platinum, Marine Life Communication Marion
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Jonathan Strange n/a [personal profile] kingsroads Magic Kates
Kamen Rider Fourze
Gentarou Kisaragi Kamen Rider Fourze [personal profile] dachizone Cosmic Energy, Armour Transformation, Power Amplifier Mac
Kamen Rider Gaim
Kaito Kumon Armored Rider Baron [personal profile] ididntsaybanana Transformation, Regeneration, Power Resistance Jae
Kouta Kazuraba Kamen Rider Gaim [personal profile] orangeyaglad Transformation, Armored Transformation Tot
Mitsuzane Kureshima Kamen Rider Ryugen [personal profile] defriendzone Armored Transformation, Lie Detection, Collapsible Motorcycle Leigh
Kingdom Hearts
Naminé n/a [personal profile] redigere Memory Manipulation, Nobody Physiology, White Room Rayne
Riku N/A [profile] recipiscent Keyblade Mastery, Dream Eater Physiology, Corridors of Darkness Tsukasa
The Legend of Zelda
Link n/a [personal profile] ofwilds Spirit of the Hero, Master Sword, Shiekah Slate AJ
Princess Zelda n/a [personal profile] inmemoriae Telepathy, Powers of Light Crystal
Life is Strange
Chloe Price Butterfly [personal profile] helladoomed Substance Abuse, Butterflies Dalrint
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Daisy Johnson N/A [personal profile] morethan084 Seismic Energy Generation Andrea
Jessica Jones n/a [personal profile] hardedged Enhanced Physiology, Power Nullification, Liquid Alchemy Kay
Raina N/A [personal profile] flowerette Plant Manipulation, Intimate Power Altering, and Inhuman Powers. Jean
Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch [personal profile] divaricate Telekinesis, Telepathy/Manipulation, Reality Bending/Magic Tessa
Marvel Comics (Earth-616)
Billy Kaplan Wiccan [personal profile] inmyothertights Reality bending, flying, electrokinesis Mici
Doreen Green Squirrel Girl [personal profile] eatsnutsandkicksbutts Squirrel Physiology, Squirrel Communication, Can Teach Others Squirrelese Molly
Laurie Collins Wallflower [personal profile] fridgeflower Pheromone emission Amy
Otto Octavius Doctor Octopus [personal profile] doctopussy Mechanical Arms, One Is The Loneliest Number Zoe
Peter Parker Spider-Man [personal profile] shutterbugged Enhanced physiology, webbing, psychic blindspot. Skalja
Tony Stark Iron Man [personal profile] liverletdie Canon Extremis abilities Jill
Marvel Comics (Earth-982)
Norman "Normie" Osborn N/A [personal profile] notyourfathersosborn Host to the alien symbiote Kaitie
Marvel Movies (X-Men)
Erik Lehnsherr Magneto [personal profile] metalminded Magnetism, Telepathy Blocking, Nictitating Membrane Xy
Jean Grey Phoenix [personal profile] jeaniegrey Telepathy, Telekinesis, Phoenix Force Missy
Mass Effect
Jacob Taylor The Protector [personal profile] darkpants_warmfeeling Biotics, incendiary ammunition Jesse
Kaidan Alenko Sentinel [personal profile] kanadian Biotics, overload/omnitool Jill
Metal Gear Solid
Chico Libre Trenya [personal profile] hombrenuevo Felyne Fluent, Phantom Pain Claire
Might and Magic
Anastasya Griffin The Necromancer [personal profile] thegriffinofdeath Vampire, Necromancy and Elemental Magic Dalrint
Mighty Max
Max Puckett Mighty Max [personal profile] radventure Portals, Magical Singularity Tsa
Mr. Robot
Darlene n/a [personal profile] nastygram Technoempathy, Walking Charger Station Cee
The Old Kingdom Chronicles
Lirael Remembrancer [personal profile] postcog Charter Magic, Abhorsen in Waiting/Remembrancer, Tools of the Remembrancer Will
Sabriel Abhorsen [personal profile] bindsthedead Charter Magic, Abhorsen, Bells Sarah
Once Upon a Time
Mr. Gold Rumplestiltskin [personal profile] cantwalkwithoutit Dark One Invulnerability, Enchanted Forest Magic, Transmutation Rei
Ruby Lucas Red [personal profile] notsheepish Big Bad Wolf, What Big Teeth Andy
Crowley Jones n/a [personal profile] sideless Power Stealing, Upgrade Will
Gwen Wynne-York n/a [personal profile] nymphic Rriver Nymph, Elemental Magic, Influence. Libby
Haen Hithiel Chatterbug [personal profile] alcheregis DNA Manipulation, Power Seer, Suggestibility Li
Hazel Lockwood N/A [personal profile] deadtective Zombie physiology, power nullification Len
Herian Amsel Paladin [personal profile] dashing Epic Sword, Gravity Manipulation, Holy Elements Bella
Jang Junseo N/A [personal profile] dumbfound Temperature control, Vampirism, Invulnerability to Sunlight Leigh
Leon Camillia n/a [personal profile] leonized Talks to animals, Glamor Anna
Sarissa Theron n/a [personal profile] magnitudes Mnemokinesis, Storm Physiology, Storm Element Manipulation Bella
Twice The Untouchable [personal profile] disguarded Enhanced Physiology, Untouchable Aura Andy
Orphan Black
Cosima Niehaus n/a [personal profile] doubleblind Form Duplication, Cell Regeneration Ashley
M.K "Marja Virtanen" The Wizard [personal profile] ewenique Energy Critters, Shadow Manipulation, Technopathy Bella
Sarah Manning N/A [personal profile] coppelganger Invisibility Hoodie, Object Alteration Lor
Angela Ziegler Mercy [personal profile] caduceusvalkyrie Healing, Power Boost, Valkyrie Suit Zak
Owari no Seraph
Krul Tepes n/a [personal profile] thirdprogenitor Vampirism Missy
Mikaela Hyakuya Mika [personal profile] allforyuu Vampirism Cinna
Yuichiro Hyakuya n/a [personal profile] dejerate Vampirism Caprica
Pacific Rim
Hermann Gottlieb N/A [personal profile] mathemagier Neural Synchronization (with Newton Geiszler), Materialization, Teleportation Youko
Newton Geiszler N/A [personal profile] driftsintobuffetline Neural Synchronization (with Hermann Gottlieb), Kaiju Form With Toxic Blood, Healing/Regeneration Penbee
Parks and Recreation
April Ludgate Janet Snakehole [personal profile] aggressiveapathy Raccoon summoning/control, conditional invulnerability, Charter Magic Stacey
Peaky Blinders
Alfie Solomons n/a [personal profile] devoutish Telekinesis, Food/Drink Transformation Iddy
People of Earth
Jonathan Walsh Snake Man [personal profile] drivesadesk Reptilian Physiology, Skin Suit Generation Chatsy
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Nico di Angelo n/a [personal profile] abandon_hope Demigod, Underworld Purview, Shadow Purvies Rho
Persona 4
Tohru Adachi N/A [personal profile] sleight_of_hand Upgraded Persona Summoning, Sharpshooting, Enhanced Endurance Skyla
Persona 5
Yusuke Kitagawa Fox [personal profile] lempereur Persona Summoning, Enhanced Agility, Skill Card Augy
Archie BROCEIDON [personal profile] h2no Water Breathing, Water Vision, Manboob Hyperspace Jabbers
Zoey n/a [personal profile] snowpointvictor Size Manipulation Kyle
The Raven Cycle
Adam Parrish The Magician [personal profile] hondoyota Energy/Magic Channeling and Redirection, Weather Magic Marlowe
Joseph Kavinsky Kavinsky [personal profile] pillz Dream Manifestation, Limited Invulnerability, Psychic Chinatown
Noah Czerny n/a [personal profile] admemoriam Incorporeality, Telepathy, Telekinesis Giz
Opal n/a [personal profile] orphangirl Dreamwalking, Selective Teleportation, Animal Summoning Kit
Richard Campbell Gansey III Raven King [personal profile] disentombs The Voice, Reality-Bending, Insect Manipulation Leah
Ronan Lynch Greywaren [personal profile] nightmarist Greywaren, Mind Passage, Light Form Pana
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Utena Tenjou n/a [personal profile] andtherevolution Heart's Sword, Matter Manipulation Neb
Reggie Mantle N/A [personal profile] bragnificent Intoxicology, Probability Influence Gabbie
Shantae n/a [personal profile] ret2go Prehensile Hair, Shapeshifting Magic Dances, Wish Granting Nina
John Watson N/A [personal profile] acclimatized Reactive Adaptation, Penance Stare Sarah
Sherlock Holmes N/A [personal profile] thevictoriandetective Aquatic Physiology, Water Manipulation, Sherlock Scan Indy
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Nike Lemercier n/a [personal profile] pluviae Rain Summoning, Levitation, Living Weapon Lin
Soul Eater
Death the Kid N/A [personal profile] grimreaping Death God Martial Arts, Shinigami Abilities, Beelzebub Li
Star Trek (2009)
James T. Kirk n/a [personal profile] overemotionally Matter Manipulation, Touch Telepathy, Shooting Lasers Leah
Star Wars
Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader [profile] prohpesiedone Telekinesis/Psychokinesis, Precognition, Enhanced Senses Riddle
Armitage Hux Starkiller [personal profile] therewillbeorder Power of Command, Technology Manipulation, Pyrokinesis Hebe
Cassian Andor Fulcrum [personal profile] candor1 Power Mimicry, Force Field Generation Merry
Count Dooku Darth Tyranus [personal profile] dun_moch The Dark Side Jesse
Han Solo n/a [personal profile] carbonfrozen Millennium Falconization, Human GPS Effy
Jyn Erso n/a [personal profile] kestreldawn Telepathy, Memory-Reading, Shape-Shifting May
K-2SO n/a [personal profile] reexamined Droid, Reinforced Plating, S.O.S. Blaster Jean
Kylo Ren n/a [personal profile] forcer Telepathy, Enhanced Abilities, Telekinesis Kelly
Lando Calrissian N/A [personal profile] bespin Probability Manipulation Chris
Luke Skywalker n/a [personal profile] faithfulson Force Strong Skyla
Qymaen jai Sheelal Grievous [personal profile] generalgrievous Transformation, Enhanced Agility, Strength Sage
Revan n/a [personal profile] exsithstential Force in Balance, Precognition Lumi
Steven Universe
Lapis Lazuli N/A [personal profile] oceanthief Gem physiology Len
Bela Talbot N/A [personal profile] cleptes Mental Inducement/Pushing, Enhanced Agility and Senses, and Shadow Camouflage Mary
Tales of Hearts R
Lithia Spodumene n/a [personal profile] nolongerasleep Will Artes, Mineran Physiology, For the Love of Cats Nadia
Tokyo Ghoul
Ken Kaneki / Haise Sasaki n/a [personal profile] ghoulking Half-Ghoul, Half-Kakuja, RC Pathways Juu
Hinami Fueguchi n/a [personal profile] leaflets Ghoul Powers, Food Consumption Kazu
Tiger & Bunny
Barnaby Brooks Jr. N/A [personal profile] attainment Hundred Power, Charter Magic Jansen
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Wild Tiger [personal profile] earnedmystripes Hundred Power, Hero Suit/Motorcycle Summoning Batty
Riptide n/a [personal profile] knaval Human Form, Cybertronian Form Jabbers
True Blood / The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Godric n/a [personal profile] faderbroderson Canon Vampire Powers, Daywalking Zee
Sam Merlotte n/a [personal profile] shifting Shapeshifter, Person Whisperer, Lick Your Wounds Hound
Sookie Stackhouse n/a [personal profile] wordaday Telepathy, Fae Blood, Fae Magic Hannah
Elena Fisher n/a [personal profile] storyseeker Underwater Breathing/Water Pressure Immunity, Light Control, Hovering Jaina
Venture Bros
Doc Thaddeus 'Rusty' Venture Doc [personal profile] musclemothers H.E.L.P.eR., Cloning Fey
Voltron: Legendary Defenders
Hunk The Yellow Paladin [personal profile] hunksmash Paladin Gear, Yellow Lion, Earth Manipulation Amy
Keith n/a [personal profile] legionnaires Paladin of Voltron, Red Lion, Fire Manipulation Aaron
Lance The Blue Paladin [personal profile] lasersounds Paladin Gear, Blue Lion, Ice Beam Crystal
Princess Allura n/a [personal profile] juniberries Altean Physiology, Magical Energy Healing, Telepathic Rodent Communication Samii
Vorkosigan Saga
Miles Vorkosigan Admiral Naismith [personal profile] dendarii Liege Relationships, Warp Pipes, Size Manipulation Rho
The Walking Dead
Carl Grimes N/A [personal profile] 112ounces Enhanced Vision, Metal Corrosion Manipulation, Fatal Bite Devi
Daryl Dixon The Angel [personal profile] dirtyredneck Symbolic Manifestation, Wildfire Walker Autumn
Enid n/a [personal profile] itstheirworld Empathy, Skeleton Key, and Invisibility Nao
Dolores Abernathy n/a [personal profile] unroot Robotic Form, Dreamwalking, Pain Transference. Jesse
Maeve Millay n/a [personal profile] maevelous Robot Form, Narrative Rewriting, Access to ImPort Codebase Jean
The Man in Black n/a [personal profile] blackhat Companion Horse, Smoke Form, Bulletproof Rockefeller
Theodore "Teddy" Flood n/a [personal profile] shootsharp Robotic Form, Robot Horse, Pathfinder Brooklyn
The Wicked + The Divine
Inanna Queen of Heaven [personal profile] purple_reign Queen of Heaven, Queen's Blessing, Heaven's Warrior Jiora
Persephone The Destroyer [personal profile] pummelgranite Being Persephone, Enhanced Vine Control, Decay Lady
Woden n/a [personal profile] craftpunk Divine Infusion Jill
Yuri!!! on ICE
Viktor Nikiforov n/a [personal profile] fourlevels Skate Anywhere, Poodle Transformation, Uncontrollable Sexual Eros Eryne
Yuri "Yurio" Plisetsky The Ice Tiger [personal profile] beautiful_monster Free Skate, Russian Tiger, Ice Magic Jiora
Yuuri Katsuki n/a [personal profile] nextlevel Skate Anywhere, Katsudon Power-Up, Eros Rho