Apr. 21st, 2019 07:15 pm
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Hi all, just wanted to give a heads up that I will be on a hiatus from now until May 10th. While I may continue slowly backtagging to some older threads when I can, I won't be tagging into anything new. Walter will be running on autopilot in the meantime. As for the Swear-in, it can be assumed that he escaped with the other evacuees rather than sticking around for the fight. Sorry for the change of plans! I just need to take care of my health and workload for a little while.

If you need to get in contact with me, my plurk is [plurk.com profile] genalovestoons Thanks guys!
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Sup MoM-ites, Catra will be ported out TONIGHT until Tuesday for a *drumroll*... POWER UPDATE! She will be gaining the power of Healing Purr, which means that she can now heal all sorts of injuries. By purring on people. Yes, really. Thanks, she hates it.

Secondly, RL is kinda kicking my butt a little bit right now so if I'm on the slow side of things, that's why! Gonna use this to catch up on some old tags etc. You can still always hit me up at [plurk.com profile] honeyfoot if something's up!
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Good afternoon, MoMs and MoMettes! (And everyone in between!)

Chris here with two announcements to make:

  1. Bean is getting a canon update, to midway through the next book in the Ender's Shadow series! A year and a half will have passed for him, so he'll be 9 instead of 7, and 4'2" instead of 3'6" (he's a growing boy, our Bean). He will be coming back very stressed due to the political climate of his world, attempts on his life, and all his friends getting kidnapped. Somebody please help the boy.

  2. Akobi is getting a power update! Gone is his preternatural bad luck, in its place is a silly power which will trigger music to play every time he talks about being dead back home. Hope you like Kander & Ebb!

They will both be ported out Sunday, April 21st, to return after 24 hours. Any questions can be directed here or to [plurk.com profile] objectpermanence!
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Hi! Just a quick note that I will be porting out Hux for a power update and using the time for a mini-hiatus. He's losing the power of command (aka making people do things) and gaining the ability to turn into the angry orange cat we all know he is inside. Now he can truly be an angry orange cat who will most likely maul you.

Hux will be ported out April 22nd-24th and Number Five will be on autopilot with godmod rights to siblings. Feel free to hit me up at [plurk.com profile] illuminations with any questions and the such!
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Hello again friends!

This is Lady, former player of Laura Wilson/Persephone, Winry Rockbell Number I'm-not-actually-sure, and that weird bug girl OC. And it is indeed that very Laura Wilson who is now returning! She's a little older, a lot more mature, currently less divine, and still very, very sad. If you want the spoilery details they can be found in her app.

I'm probably not posting just yet, since we're less than a week away from a new chapter and I'm hoping for some more icons. However her contact post is open over here, if your character might be hunting her down or like, into hassling randos.

I also have a shiny new RP plurk over at [plurk.com profile] butunironically on Discord as Lady#5479, please feel free to friend or fan or invite as your heart tells you.
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Hey everyone, as you may have already seen in the Majority Report, this month’s Swear-In is taking place on the Moon! Run by Jacob's team Aegis Force with the aid of the government, this Swear-In will revolve around a highly public game show/sporting event called the SPACE SLAM, where your characters can join teams and choose between ten different events to compete in, hosted in the hotels and artificial parks of the Moon Base's huge Residential Dome.

In addition to encouraging working together and training heroic skills, Space Slam will be broadcast and advertised for charitable fundraising. If your character is affiliated with a cause, this is an opportunity to benefit from what will be a widely-viewed and hotly-promoted event. There will also be a lunar disco to mingle at, and diplomatic prompts for discussion and dispute-settling between characters.

Aegis’ hope is that these events will promote their ideals of imPort teamwork and cooperation while benefiting the natives. But despite their best intentions, terrible things will still happen! Toward the end of the Swear-In, the party will be crashed by a SPACE ROBOT ATTACK, courtesy of the mad scientists known as the OTO! The Moon Base will be besieged by tough robot lizards with numerous weapons and tricky copycat droids with the power to steal imPort talent abilities for their own use! Characters will need to choose between evacuating the Moon Base with the civilians, or staying behind to fight and defend.

This post is optional- you don’t need to formally sign up for anything at the Swear-In! But there are threads posted below for doing advanced plotting at this event, whether organizing a team and matches for the Space Slam, putting forward a character-linked charity to benefit from the event, volunteering your character to help perform or cater at the disco, or just planning drama and action for the battle part of the evening.

The Space Slam log goes up next Thursday on April 18th. Plot away until then, and let me know if there are any questions!
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Did I get your attention?

Hark, heroes, I've got a one-day fun-day event coming up for you later this month! Thanks to the porter weirdness, a sport from Roxas' home world is all the rage: Struggle, the game in which you knock foam balls off other players and collect them while trying not to get your own balls knocked off! Whoever manages to collect the most balls before time runs out is the winner of the round. It looks something like this:

Super dignified, right? Casual pick-up games of Struggle are common in the porter cities this month, but on April 23, a large-scale tournament (with prizes!) will take place in Heropa. Players of all skill levels are invited to participate, although imPorts are reminded not to use their powers. Who wants to look incredibly silly while smacking balls around? That's right, it's you!

To allow characters to play against whoever players want them to, we won't be setting up a single official bracket, but feel free to sign up for a particular skill level in the comments below and see who else is at your level of competition to facilitate match-ups and plotting. Silliness is encouraged, because remember: balls.

But wait, there's more!

Who's up for a superheroic team-up? Late in the afternoon, the tournament will be interrupted by these assholes )
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hey everybody, this is shikki with disaster number three!

so injustice is a version of the dc universe where everything was kind of a wacky stack of terrible just waiting to go wrong from the get go. this vid covers most of what you need to know, but the short of it is the joker went too far and superman killed him for it. and that created a massive rift between superman and batman, which lead to both of them doubling down on their views and nothing good to come from that.

so damian is still pretty damian. just replace the parts of him that were starting to mellow out and adjust to civilian life with accidentally killing the one person who loved and trusted him and getting disowned on the spot for it, dead brothers, a death wish, and blind loyalty to a super tyrant who filled the loving dad shaped hole in his life. damian now no longer believes into his father's methods and has no problem with killing villains. at his current canon point, his mom just busted him out of the prison his dad put him in and revealed he has a sister that she hid from him so that's. fun. this is a fun place to be after that.

he's in Maurtia Falls #005 and has bone blades and kryptonian-like physiology!

feel free to add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] minimoffs or at discord at FIST FIGHTS#7869!
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Hey all, it's Arwing, the player of Anders and Finn Onaru (the dark elf), bringing in a new guy. This is Kurt, and he's a Reptilian alien, like the kind from conspiracy theories, from the comedy series People of Earth. For the past few decades, he's been part of an invasion of the Earth, which involves experiments and abductions, but he's put all that behind him by now.

Kurt's a pretty decent guy, once you get to know him. He'll just steal your yogurt from the fridge. Like Jonathan Walsh, he has a human disguise, which he'll be wearing in public for the most part. His powers are Reptilian physiology, which means acid blood and super strength, and skinsuit generation, meaning that he can regenerate his skin suit if it's damaged or any parts of it get lost, but it takes a very, very long time.

Kurt's going to be living at De Chima 001 and his job is Convenience Store Manager.

Feel free to add me on plurk for plotting purposes or just to chat: [plurk.com profile] arwingyoshi
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 Hey, it's Lily!! I play Ezra Bridger from Star Wars, but now I am bringing... drum roll please...

Stephanie Brown from DC Comics!

She's Batgirl. And Robin. And Spoiler. And Nightwing once? Looking forward to superhero shenanigans with her!

On the Ezra front, he's getting a canon update to the end of Star Wars Rebels! He'll be a little less angry teenager and a little more Jedi with lots of cats following him around. He'll be porting out for four days, starting right when Kanan gets back from being ported out because the drama.

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MoMites, alert! The generous second round of imPort donations has paid off—beneath this cut are the temporary setting items that ICly appear as of this post. (Or have they always been here? The locals seem to think so.)

Second round personal items have also been mailed out and will reach their destinations starting today, although it can take a little longer if players wish. If you have not plotted someone else getting your item, assume it reaches your character safety!

Ask any questions below, and let us know if anything has been overlooked!

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Hey hey, friendos, it's me, Froda, resident Sad Jedi Dad, bringing in a new guy... this is Ezio Auditore, an extremely Italian, extremely old-timey, extremely stabby dude, of Assassin's Creed fame! He will be less weirded out by all this technology than you might expect, and also might be starting a parkour club with his new roomie, Nate. In the meantime, he's in Heropa #006 and he'll be a spokesman for Salvator's Quality Used Cars. Someone please explain to him what a car is, thanks.

ALSO ALSO, friends of Kanan ([personal profile] kanyounot) might notice him disappearing tomorrow for about 48 hours! He will be returning with a NEW POWER - namely, the ability to shapeshift into an extremely large wolf. REALLY BIG. So there's that, too!

As always if you wanna hit me up for CR or whatevs, just add me on plurk ([plurk.com profile] frodabaggins) and YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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hi mom i made a tdm post that said i was just foolin' and didn't plan to reapp and not to @ me but then SOMEONE must have SPECIFICALLY. @ED ME. and i don't know WHO IT WAS bUT NOW I'M BACK. with batman.

except i'm taking him from current canon, which is post-failed marriage batman, so he's doing real bad! if you're unaware, selina left him at the altar and a group of supervillains and i guess his dad(???) have been slowly destroying his life in secret and now he's having fever dreams about how he's currently being captured and tortured by them or something!

anyway, hello old and new. all of my info can be found on my journal, but if you're too lazy to go there like i often am then you can add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] BATGUY and/or discord at batderp#3666!
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Hi, everyone! This is Jonathan Walsh's player, now with a new character: Anton Roudin! He's an original character, a Tiefling fighter who is going to have a lot to adjust to with all this (to him) futuristic technology. He'll also be porting in without any weapons (but wearing his armor, of course) which is probably for the best, because you can't go to the bar with a glaive and not expect problems.

He'll be living in De Chima #004 and will be interested in meeting all his roommates, as well as finding new friends and trying to figure out all the strangeness that is living in a world where people are huge fans of six foot tall men who look like devils.

Feel free to contact me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] serpentcyborg.
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Hi gang, it's Shaz here (player of super sunshine dad Apollo) with a new face!

Say hello to Rupert von Hentzau, a dashing but AWFUL young man of questionable morals from the 1880s who is REALLY happy to now be alive at the same time that hotpants are a thing. Hentzau is a villain/cad/bounder/rake/rogue of the highest breeding, hasn't taken anything seriously since he was five, and is medically incapable of making good decisions. His alignment is chaotic bisexual and he cares more about horses than humans. You've been warned.

Apologies to his housemates in jeopardy 001 because this man is an Actual Victorian Disaster and has never done a single chore in his entire life. His new job is that of a fencing club instructor which he'll be delighted about as it gives him even more opportunities to get hot and sweaty with strangers and make inappropriate comments at them (don't ever give him a window of opportunity, he WILL take it).

As per usual you can find me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] fizzier and I'm shaz#0911 on Discord.
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Hi hello! I'm Julie, brand-new to the game annnnd I come hot on Amanda's heels with Luther Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy, aka Number One or Spaceboy -- the former team leader of a group of maladjusted child superheroes. He slowly went from dashing public posterboy to awkward recluse, and has literally no experience dealing with an actual society so he is going to be very, very out of his element. He means well, though. He's super-strong, and very much about The Job and Doing The Right and Honourable Thing.

Despite having a bunch of family in-game, I'm also ALL ABOUT cross-canon interactions, so specific wants:
  • Roommates in De Chima #004! Holla @ Eddie Thawne, Fern, and Nico Di Angelo.
  • Non-human characters! He's got a lot of hangsup re: having been turned into a half-ape thing (#itscomplicated), so it'd be good for him to meet people who are even more strange-lookin'.
  • If anyone in De Chima is moving, he works for Joe's Movers now! This big boye can carry furniture for you.
  • I hear there's a couple specific superhero squads -- Luther will definitely be interested in hearing more / joining once he's shaken off his existential funk.
  • Anyone involved with the moon base?? He spent four years on a moon base of his own. This one sounds much better.
  • Anyone who knows his siblings!

I have an impressions/permissions/opt-out page, where you can also choose what level of spoilers you'd like me to avoid for TUA. Love the setting of this game & I'm excited to be here! Feel free to add me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] quadrille, or discord @ fjords#1674.

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Hello! This is Orlando, player of Brandon Heat and Norman, now bringing in Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the manga continuity of Trigun! Because apparently "black-haired orphan from a Yasuhiro Nightow series with the word 'gun' in the title who loves his found family and ends up a self-hating suit-wearing assassin" is just my niche to fill.

For those of you who are also old familiar with the anime, manga Wolfwood is very similar in some ways and very different in others. He's a priest (partly) with a huge soft spot for kids and a concerning addiction to cigarettes who over the course of the series shifts from being a brutal realist to deciding that idealism can be okay sometimes. A big factor in the brutal realism approach was that although he was rescued from the streets at an early age by a church orphanage and spent a number of very happy years there, he was later adopted by what turned out to be basically a cult of assassins. They trained him as a killer and also modified him to have superhuman capablilities at the low cost of accelerated aging, so although he looks like he's in his late 20's he's actually around 19. Thanks, he hates it!

Wolfwood's coming in following volume 10 of Trigun Maximum, which means (amongst, uh, other things) he's had all his character development. His powers are enhanced strength/senses/regeneration, summoning his giant cross-shaped gun/rocket launcher, and healing plants. He's going to be in Heropa #3 making an attempt as a youth counselor.

I'm always at ElspethVimes on plurk for anyone who wants to hit me up!
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Hello, everyone!

My name is Amanda and I'm brand new to your game, with this lovely lady, Ms. Allison Hargreeves, one of the many dysfunctional superheroes siblings from the brand new Umbrella Academy Season One. The one big thing you'll notice off the bat -- aside from the fact that Allison has an endless beleaguer of brothers -- is that she can't actually talk using her voice. Hopefully, this won't deter you, as we're very ready to dive in with both feet, undeterred, ourselves.

Allison joins five of her siblings in-game from the end of canon, and as thus, she has a Opt-In/Opt-Out post so I can know how much to spoil or not spoil you. Also, Alliso has the superpower to persuade people to do things (when she has her voice), so there is an Opt-In/Opt-Out for that as well. Permissions (Spoiler-Free) & Opt-In/Opt-Out can both be found here.

Allison is currently in Maurtia Falls in #002. Hit me up roomies! Also, I'm user [plurk.com profile] wanderlustlover on Plurk & assassincaptain#6353 on Discord. Feel free to add me on up wherever you do those things!

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So, Finn is going away for a bit of a canon update and he'll come back with some new powers. He'll be ported out on April 4th and come back on April 5th.

He'll have gone through the events of the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs. This means that he'll have teamed up with a group of vampire hunters, and a friendly vampire for that matter, to stop a vampire apocalypse, and traveled to the island of Solstheim to do battle with an evil Dragonborn.

He'll have a few new Shouts and one new Destruction spell:
Drain Vitality - Drains a small amount of health, stamina and magicka from an opponent. Feels like a sharp pain and causes fatigue. Obviously if your character doesn't use magicka, that part won't affect them.
Battle Fury - Boosts the attack speed of allies. So, say your character uses a sword, they can swing the sword faster for about a minute and do more attacks per minute.
Cyclone - Creates a tornado that blows opponents away
Dragon Aspect - Gives Finn a boost to attack and defense, and gives him magical dragon scale armor. The drawback is that this Shout can only be used once per day.

The new spell he's bringing back is Ash Shell, which is a ranged spell that covers its target in a crusty ash shell, immobilizing them for about a minute.

-1 dirtbag

Apr. 1st, 2019 11:55 pm
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Sadly it's time for Eleanor to go home....or back to the afterlife. I've been losing her voice and have decided that it's time for her to depart. Her junk food and booze goes to Bodhi, of course.

I'm still here with Hux and Number Five though, if anyone has any questions/other stuff feel free to hit me up at [plurk.com profile] illuminations.