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That is the big question, isn't it? Characters get the spiel, sure, but it's up to them if they choose to accept that answer or not. What we want to do is be able to keep track of what is what, who is where, so on and henceforth, which is why this post will now be linked with every new Swear-In log so that every character can be counted even on the OOC level.

We'd also like to outline some of the bigger differences between the choices, although more may develop as the game and the plot progresses.


The default, the straight-and-narrow, the choice that gets you the goods. REGISTERED HEROES get free housing, job security, free medical insurance/benefits, a legal pardon/allowance to work outside the law enough to superhero effectively (as the case may be) while still working and being coordinated with the law, not against it. Vigilantes are illegal, after all, and the general public is willing to temper their wariness toward superheroes only when they are registered imPorts.


To be UNSETTLED is not to say you're off the grid and it is not signing yourself up to be a vigilante outright, but you're off the government's grid enough that they will say, for National Safety reasons, they can't afford to vouch for you. You can stay in your house if your housemates will let you, but if they decide to boot you out you have no more ownership of that space. You are on your own for work, for health benefits, and of course any superhero/vigilante work you do will be considered illegal and will be regarded with appropriate wariness and legal action, such as the cases may be. All characters who are not registered will have their assigned work status adjusted to "probationary" before they are let go from their position.


Registered heroes are eligible to apply for or receive any assignment listed on the monthly assignment posts, but they are not required. They are, however, required to complete any assignments they commit to.

Unsettled characters will still be eligible to apply for or receive assignments as they are considered a way to encourage anyone Unsettled to register, although they will be eligible for different and in some cases fewer assignments than a Registered character would be. However, they will also not be subject to any inherent consequences if they commit to an assignment but do not complete it.

Please respond to this post with your name, your character's name, and their current status. Do not reply to your comment unless you are doing a catch-all top level for yourself so that if your character does change statuses at any point you can edit it.
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I should really have posted a hiatus for the past two and a bit weeks but I kept hoping that I'd be able to post and ended up too exhausted to. I've been in the middle of moving house and setting up my own company and the stress has squished me into a pulp and left me unable to write. I'm really sorry to everyone I'm threading with for leaving posts hanging in the air :(

Things should be a little bit better over the next few days, so I'm going to do my utmost to get up to date and catch up with things. Again, really sorry everyone <3


Jul. 26th, 2017 09:42 pm
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Hey all!

I'll be on hiatus until the end of August. Summer holidays are coming which means even more workload for me, preparing for an upcoming con and a holiday for myself.

I apologise for dropping the ball on the clone plot, things have been chaotic IRL that I haven't been able to properly focus on RP. ;;

- Mari

-1 bad son

Jul. 24th, 2017 10:58 pm
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Alright, so... second powerful blonde down for the count. This one I hate dropping, because I've had some really great CR with him so far, and I've really enjoyed his voice. That voice, however, requires a lot of mental energy, and without the proper motivation I just don't know if I have the willpower to keep playing him. Taking him from the end of Carey's run, he's already achieved his ultimate goal, and having him just kind of sit around and do nothing is only interesting for so long. I did love playing with Pana and the rest of the That's So Raven cast, Feather's Cinders, the terrible Hell children, and everyone else who tagged into his threads.

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Hi MoM!

Those of you who have me on plurk might have caught sight of a couple of recent plurks regarding MK and app building! She's been working on an app for the past couple months, and I figure I should start putting together some details, but! I need volunteers.

What MK is building is an ImPort Dating Sim, so natives can ~~~live the import experience~~~ (obviously imports will be free to play it as well, so long as they're ready to buy the game) and play date storylines with some of their faves. These will be very obviously ripped off of ImPorts, and that's where you come in!

Right now this is more of an interest check, but in a few days I'll get in touch with the people who have gotten replied with a little form to fill in.

So!!! if you have a character you'd like to be blatantly ripped off for a dating sim, please reply here!

There are only three requirements:
- not a Tatiana Maslany
- characters must be over 18
- someone she could have some familiarity with either by reputation/minority reports/network activity

This is something MK would totally do without permission ICly, but OOCly I'll give a lot of control to the players in terms of what the app includes in their rip off of their character, and obvs the content itself would be handwaved. Depending on interest, I was thinking a few characters would be the basic game romances, and then others can be purchased with expansions and such. (Sidenote: the ic content would be pretty PG-13, but definitely over the top romance shenanigans. How native fandom responds I leave entirely in your hands.)

Basically: help MK anonymously make money and let's make characters suffer B)
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The log for the Heist in Heropa plot is finally up! I'd like to apologize to everyone who signed up for the lateness. Real life got pretty hectic for me over the past few days and I should have done a better job of communicating with all of you. I hope it didn't cause too many problems for anybody.
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ALRIGHT this is late but I feel the need to bring this out here: so during the first week of Clone Saga July 15-22, your characters might heard some stupid thing Sabriel's clone is raising the dead in De Chima. MEANWHILE, Carl Grimes' clone, busy chasing girls at the time and being a general annoyance, decide to join in on the fun with Carl's Fatal Bite power. He will bite two teenage boys and turn them into TWD-style zombies - slow, shuffling, craving any living flesh. Daryl will be able to round them up and deal with them, and Carl himself will go into a nasty brawl with his clone and eventually kill him, with Negan dragging Carl to the hospital to recover for a while.

Now this part is completely optional as I am still on hiatus for the next few days, but Carl's clone can turn your character into the zombie. What kind of zombie? Here's the fun part: any kind of zombie you want. It can be your classic zombie or your intelligent zombie or heck, go the extra mile and go for Dead Space style zombies. (Super graphic gore and transformation in this clip fyi.)

In my permissions page, there are more details about how turned imPorts would generally behave and how transmission and bites work overall. Any more specific questions and I'll ask them right here. If your infected characters are going to do some major damage or death to NPCs, you'll have to go to the mods for approval.


Jul. 15th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Okay y'all, I don't wanna but I gotta. D:

This is me admitting defeat from getting my ass kicked by the end of June and into July, so I'm yet again cutting my list down to one here since I think that's more manageable with my current RL circumstances. SO. As fabulous as the DC casts here are, I'm dropping Sara for good this time.

I'm still here with Wanda ([personal profile] divaricate), who lbr I am probably never dropping at this rate; you aren't rid of me entirely.

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Good evening, everyone! As promised, here are a few updates on the clone plot!

First of all, the destruction of Heavens Scent has officially been claimed! While you may continue putting in plot requests for information, their demise has been decided upon - you can find more information about it and sign up to participate HERE!

For those of you who have taken the opt-out options, as of July 14, imPorts will be sent to London as cultural ambassadors, so to speak! There will be a log provided, and as outlined in the last post, they will not be able to get back to America as all flights to and from America will be canceled because of the chaos. Because nobody signed up for the option to take shuttles out of town, there will not be a log posted for evacuees. You may still take this option if you decide to do so, but we will not be providing prompts for you.

And now to announce the plots as outlined by our lovely players! If you have any questions regarding these plots, please direct them to the players running them rather than to us; they’ll know the specifics better than we will! Additionally, we are not listing every plot submitted - only the ones that we believe will affect the most people. If you believe your plot should be listed and it isn’t, let us know, and we’ll put it up here.

JULY 15, NONAH: Follow your impulses! Throughout the day, characters will find their impulses lowered! Want to fight someone? Sure! Want to kiss someone? Why not! Better do what your heart tells you to!

JULY 16, DE CHIMA: Zombies, Run! Wait, wrong fandom. As of the 16th, zombie attacks will begin in earnest, where there will be approximately 125 zombies, and approximately 75-150 civilians will be killed as a result.

JULY 19-21, HEROPA: A Storm’s A-Coming! There will be a big ol’ thunderstorm in targeted areas of Heropa, including power outages, flooding, and property damage from buildings that aren’t built to withstand that much water.

JULY 23-28, HEROPA & MAURTIA FALLS: Unlocking trouble! Rincewind's clone will be unlocking everything from ATMs to the zoo to prisoners - it looks like it's up to the imPorts to do some damage control and lock 'em back up!

JULY 23-25, MAURTIA FALLS: Artillery Ambush! A local gang war will be incited and machinery by the name of Walking Eyes will be roaming the streets, equipped with lasers, machine guns, and flamethrowers, oh my! A potential of 50-200 people will be killed as these machines indiscriminately kill whoever they lay their sights on.

JULY 23-29, NONAH: Fire Away! Some nasty, nasty arsonist is setting fire to buildings intermittently throughout the week, and everyone knows that fire’s not something to take lightly. Why don’t imPorts take this opportunity to make sure no innocent civilians are burned to a crisp?

JULY 28, DE CHIMA: Cult-inary Arts! A bloodthirsty sacrificial ritual will come to a close in a deeply tragic way, unless imPorts intervene! Expect some (content warning) blood and gore with this one!

Lastly, a log for all of this will be going up on the 15th. This may not be overly detailed by necessity - again, the blanks will be filled by the individuals running these plots! - but we welcome you to use it for any and all clone shenanigans. This is your stage! We would also like to remind you that while sign-ups for large-scale events have closed, if you wish to run something that affects your character/your circle of CR, they will remain open throughout the event! If you come up with any ideas you'd like to run with, please don't hesitate to run them by us.

Please submit any questions you may have in the questions thread below, and feel free to use the comments to plot with your fellow players!
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Hey MoMers! Today we bring you an infiltration plot of Heaven Scent's clone laboratory, as a continuation of the clone plot and also a lot of research/investigation from several characters. We wish to invite you all to join us on this, hence why we are making this post!

Let's recap...
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Infiltration and destruction
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Hello MoM! Viktor will be ported out for a day, TBD when, most likely after some cr drama resolves, and then he'll return with an adjusted power set. A minor tweak to his ability to skating anywhere (he'll be able to skate on/through air now), a reshuffling of others (combining his Eros and ability to turn into a poodle), as well as a NEW healing ability. A complete write-up of his powers and permissions surrounding them can be found here!
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Hello! This is part of the clone plot that has been kicking around. Charles clone will be causing disturbance in Nonah during the 15th. He feels that people aren't living up to their true potential which is why he's going to be casting a big telepathic net over Nonah during Saturday. He's going to lower the inhibitions of the population through mental suggestion.

The results will be seen widely with varied products of impulsive desires being brought to action. Some might not show at work because there's reruns of their favourite sitcoms in the telly, looting, thievery, misbehaving, fights breaking out, public acts of private nature, what have you. Nonah will be in disarray, there will probably be a few bodies but also cute stuff like love confessions and reunions.

What it means for your characters? If you want, you can take it as an incentive to get your character to participate in the madness, maybe to do that one thing they've been jonesing to do but haven't for some reason. He might feel inclined to hound imPorts in particular.

--or you can ignore it completely, because it's easy to dodge! He's new with these powers and it's not like he's going to reach everyone.

If you want to participate, feel free to do your own thing or come hang out with clone Chuck.

Jean and Erik will take him down later during Saturday and Nonah will be back to normal come Sunday.

Also, aside from the wide range disturbance, if you'd like clone Charles to insert some fun mental compulsions into your character's head, here's the chance for it. Charles will be happily available to remove them later! (Of course if you want them to cause a major scale of trouble, you probably need to contact the mods and ask about it.)

Charles will help clean up Nonah after all is said and done. He's very sorry.

Ps. Clone Charles will play the real Charles out of the game by attacking him through some unwitting poor soul. If you want to come rescue him from something that looks like kidnapping most likely, let me know!
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First of all, congratulations to De Chima's new ambassador, Dave Cabernet. I believe as a cat man who owns a bowling alley, he is more than qualified for the position as our new, venerated leader...

...but Bruce doesn't care! He's still forming the Justice League! SUCK IT, MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. SO, if you think your character would be interested in joining the Justice League, comment here! Let me know! Keep in mind that fuckin' BATMAN has ultimate veto rights until a founding council is formed, and there won't be any community votes! You all had that chance with him as ambassador, but now that's all out the window! This is all up to Batman's discretion! Love you everybody!

EDIT: I SUPPOSE I SHOULD CLARIFY A LITTLE MORE. if you're a person batman would be interested in having, the league is a full time position (not a job, not full time as in spending a full working day there), but you should have no other obligations to any other teams and you should be available to spend time training others and doing team stuff and... idk you get the idea. basically when the league needs you, you drop everything. ALSO THE TEAM IS NON-LETHAL. no killing unless there is absolutely no other alternative. if you use a lethal weapon, bruce and the league may be able to help you design a non-lethal version of it. i mean ollie used boxing glove arrows. they can probably figure it out.
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Hi Mask or Menace! You know those clones, right? They've been running around causing all sorts of mischief and mayhem. Well, on the night of the 15th, a few of them will stage a good old fashioned B&E, and their shenanigans will blow up into a Heropa wide crime spree on the 18th. If you'd like to get your character's clone in on the action or have your character stop them, read on!

On the 15th, the clones of Akira Kurusu, Utena Tenjou, Veronica Sawyer, and Yusuke Kitagawa will break into the house of Heropa native Ron Inglewood, a man who's known for being both very rich and very outspoken against imPorts. Clone Vee will play look out while the rest give him, his wife, and their adult son and daughter-in-law a beat down before tying them up and running off with jewels, money, a portrait of the family's bichon frise, and the actual bichon frise. However, the only easily identifiable clone will be Utena Tenjou's! The rest of them either successfully disguised themselves or stayed out of sight while she soaked up all the glory and attention. What a jerk!

Both the break-in and Utena's fight with Sabriel and Jacob Taylor from RISE will make the news, and she'll be tossed in the slammer for the next few days. The next few days will be quiet, until the clones return on the 18th, breaking into various stores and houses in the Heropa area. Even worse, the four of them brought more friends! It's a multi-clone crime spree and it will be up to imPorts to stop them and clear the characters' good names.

If you'd like to have your characters' clones involved in the crime spree on the 18th, just sign up below! The only requirements is that they can get to Heropa easily or they know the four original clones. Deep CR is not required. Remember, the clones are based largely on fandom portrayals of the characters, so even a short conversation can be misinterpreted as some kind of deeper friendship... as long as it was caught on camera by some nosy imPort fan. Even something as simple as bumping into each other or asking for directions counts, so if you'd like your character involved we can easily handwave something. There will be sign-ups for people to stop the clones, as well.
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I couldn't help joining the ranks of talented players making posters for their characters, so here's Sam's! Voting ends at midnight tonight, so remember to get in your vote for the candidate dogs trust. (Woof.)
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Of course I couldn't resist making campaign posters! No matter who you vote for, don't forget that the polls ooc close tonight at 12:01 EST Vote for Experience. Vote for Erik.*

variation below the cut )
And for everyone who already voted a gift! )

*Link goes to general voting page I'm not that mean
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hello friends!! Gee here, a MOM newbie (not ENTIRELY new, I played the eleventh doctor around here about 20 centuries back but it's been a llllloooonnngggg time), bringing you Nill from DOGS: bullets & carnage! contrary to the name of the series from which she hails she's just a teen gal with (literally) no voice trying to get by

I've put up a permissions post over here to cover both her power (she's a telempathic projector, meaning she can share her thoughts and feelings outward but can't read your character's thoughts & feels back) and also the potentially triggering content that might appear in some of her tags. the DOGS world is a nasty place and she hasn't had a very pleasant start in life which may come up in tags so please hop on over there if you're worried to let me know what you're comfortable with!

other than that she's living in MAURTIA FALLS #004 and will be studying and working as a part-time bird sanctuary attendant I love this game & its mods. I'm not going to be keeping TDM threads as game canon simply because I hadn't sussed out her powers or canon point then and I'm bad at trying to create a continuity in my head ahaha but I LOVED all those threads and the possible CR so please please if you're someone I've already threaded with know that I'm very excited to chase you down and discover fun new ways to start that CR train rolling.

if you want to add me on plurk, please do! I'm over at [ profile] miscreates! I look forward to meeting and playing with you all!!
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Because it's the time of propaganda posters.


Jul. 9th, 2017 05:40 pm
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Hey guys,

Caprica here. Just to let everyone know I'm going on hiatus since I'm moving end of the month and all. Things to pack, sort, clean etc and all that fun stuff. I'll be moving in around the 26th or so, hopefully with being able to sort internet by then and all without any time in between. But just in case I figured it would be a good idea to put up a hiatus. I'll be around but slower until closer to the time, just wanted to make sure I was covered in case I don't manage ac, basically.

Which just applies to Yuichiro here.