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That is the big question, isn't it? Characters get the spiel, sure, but it's up to them if they choose to accept that answer or not. What we want to do is be able to keep track of what is what, who is where, so on and henceforth, which is why this post will now be linked with every new Swear-In log so that every character can be counted even on the OOC level.

We'd also like to outline some of the bigger differences between the choices, although more may develop as the game and the plot progresses.


The default, the straight-and-narrow, the choice that gets you the goods. REGISTERED HEROES get free housing, job security, free medical insurance/benefits, a legal pardon/allowance to work outside the law enough to superhero effectively (as the case may be) while still working and being coordinated with the law, not against it. Vigilantes are illegal, after all, and the general public is willing to temper their wariness toward superheroes only when they are registered imPorts.


To be UNSETTLED is not to say you're off the grid and it is not signing yourself up to be a vigilante outright, but you're off the government's grid enough that they will say, for National Safety reasons, they can't afford to vouch for you. You can stay in your house if your housemates will let you, but if they decide to boot you out you have no more ownership of that space. You are on your own for work, for health benefits, and of course any superhero/vigilante work you do will be considered illegal and will be regarded with appropriate wariness and legal action, such as the cases may be. All characters who are not registered will have their assigned work status adjusted to "probationary" before they are let go from their position.


Registered heroes are eligible to apply for or receive any assignment listed on the monthly assignment posts, but they are not required. They are, however, required to complete any assignments they commit to.

Unsettled characters will still be eligible to apply for or receive assignments as they are considered a way to encourage anyone Unsettled to register, although they will be eligible for different and in some cases fewer assignments than a Registered character would be. However, they will also not be subject to any inherent consequences if they commit to an assignment but do not complete it.

Please respond to this post with your name, your character's name, and their current status. Do not reply to your comment unless you are doing a catch-all top level for yourself so that if your character does change statuses at any point you can edit it.
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Zone of TMI

Hello imPorts! So, between the 25th and the 28th, something very weird will be happening to every imPort on Earth. Due to an unlucky set of circumstances including power amplification and a coma, Poe Dameron's Zone of TMI power will go haywire, and everyone will be suffering its effects until he wakes up. 

So, what does this mean?

Zone of TMI means that your characters may be compelled to say things that they would never say otherwise - or give way, way too much detail on things they shouldn't - at any time. Secrets, doubts, lewd thoughts, even just things you'd normally decide aren't very polite: it's all fair game. How this plays out for your character is entirely up to you. Maybe it turns out that your character only finds themselves blurting out embarrassing things to their dog, or maybe they tell their best friend that they maybe sort of killed their boyfriend a few months ago. Who knows! Only rule is that these things must be true for as far as your character is aware. Honest feelings, honest thoughts, just not ones they'd normally share.

Maybe you end up giving a detailed description of your daddy issues to a complete stranger! 

This affects all imPorts across the game, but the plot is OPT IN. So if you don't feel like spilling your guts, you don't gotta.

If you do? Feel free to use this post to plot out some very awkward scenarios, make new awkward CR, and have fun!

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Oooohhh boy, it's happening. Allura's going to get ported out this week, on Wednesday the 23rd. She'll be back on the 24th.

She's going to be updated to the end of Season 5, which means a big power update for her. Allura has just taken a big spirit quest thing, and can now make full use of her Altean Alchemy. (And for those who forget where that is plot-wise, it's when she's beginning to trust Lotor. Because they've got things in common and Allura desperately needs more friends.)

For those unfamiliar with the series, Altean Alchemy is nothing like FMA-style alchemy, and I don't know why it's called that! Alliteration? Probably. Instead, it's a big upgrade to her quintessence abilities, making her able to integrate actual vital essence into magical technology. This is what created the transforming robots in Voltron, and with a lot of time and resources she could absolutely make a robot or two of her own. But let's start small, okay? Who wants a new robotic arm?

It also means she can do a lot more healing with quintessence, such as reviving people who die. But in a cleric way, not in a necromancer way. She can also move your soul back if it gets stuck in the wrong body, which hopefully isn't a problem that comes up too often??

Please feel free to hit me with questions, if you want to know more about how this works? And if you also have some plot ideas, let me know. The canon rules for what this can do are pretty fast and loose, so I'm sure we can work things out!
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HELLO FRIENDS!!!!!! i'm doing two power updates!! one is for archie, who is regaining his ability to mega evolve his sharpedo, he'll be delighted, and the other is for riptide!! riptide's are a little bigger...

he'll gain a subspace with his dinky little pistol instead of the my first blaster (rip rainbow friend) which he can also put small, non-living objects in and also! the matrix will be updated to be a font of power when it's opened dramatically. kind of embarrassing that i didn't think to do that the first time i gave it to him, but WHAT CAN YA DO!

they'll both be ported out monday (21/1) for 24 hours and will be back tuesday (wildly, 22/1). don't miss them too much!!!
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Hey there, Mask or Menace! This is Jack, a former long time player, returning from absence and bringing you Hikaru Shidou, from the Magic Knight Rayearth manga.

Hikaru's 14 and Fuu's best friend, controls fire, and is an all around sweet heart. She's bright, she's happy and a little naive, but loyal and very protective of her friends. She'll be staying in Nonah #002 so get ready for some cheerfulness, gang! For anyone canon familiar, she's coming in from the tail end of volume 3.

Along with her Knight armor and sword, she also has a power called Heartsight, which I've provided an information and opt-in post here that would really help me out!

For ooc contact, I'm available at [ profile] ratatosk on plurk or discord upon request. I'm really excited to play in MoM again and have fun!


Jan. 19th, 2019 11:11 am
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Hey everyone, this is Zoe! Formally player of Skeets, a bunch of supervillains, Heat Wave, idk you get it

This is just a formal note that I'm dropping All Might and thus the game! I basically haven't been around since November but it's finally official, so this post might come as a surprise that I hadn't already, whoops.

I've had a good run with you guys, and I've loved this game but my rp drive is basically non-existence and I think I really need to take a break for a while. I may reapp with someone sometime in the future!

See you later, alligators
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Hi! I'm Sam! I'm new to the game, and bringing you a very tired Harry Dresden.

He's from the Dresden Files books, who's a wizard and a private detective, and whose life is a trash fire. In fact, so far, being abducted into a new world with a nice house is one of the best things to ever happen to him. So... yes.

He's set up in Jeopardy, Nevada and will need friends, awkward encounters, and strange people to talk to.

I can be found at SammieTheRPGer on Plurk, and at SamTheRPGer#2912 on Discord. Looking forward to talking to you all and playing in the game!
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there are so many gifs of this kid waving awkwardly oh my god
ANYWAYS! i'm lily and i'm bringing in ezra bridger from star wars rebels! he's a jedi and so can use the force like so many other star wars characters though he tries to use it for good and fighting against the empire you know! he's coming in from the beginning of season 3 where he's been training using a sith holocron and playing around with the dark side! fun stuff!!

he's currently living in de chima and working as a poetry slam coordinator? woohoo! this is my first time in MoM and i'm excited to meet and rp with all of you guys! honestly up for anything and everything, but i'd specifically love cr with other characters around ezra's age! rowdy teens ok

my plurk is [ profile] eviefrye and my discord is homulily#5492! feel free to add me! how many exclamation points have i used so far i'm ending this here
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Heya MoM! I'm Alex (I was here for a few months recently playing Red Action), and I'm bringing in Rodimus from IDW's Transformers comics!

Rodimus is the co-captain of the Lost Light, a starship on a mission to find the mythical Knights of Cybertron! Or rather, he was, but -- Spoilers for Lost Light #25 -- I'm bringing him from the "bad end" where the ship's mission is over, his friends are either drifting away or being condemned to an eternity of torture, and he doesn't know what to do with his life. Yay!

Rod's a lovable rascal who really wants to be an inspiring leader, but tends to come across as arrogant and immature, due to his ego and impulsiveness. He's the kind of guy who will make decisions based on a gut feeling 9 times out of 10, throwing caution and better judgement to the wind. He's got a good heart, though, and he can give a rousing pep talk when push comes to shove.

His job is Life Coach at Jeopardy Self-Improvement Services (a good opportunity for him to workshop the aforementioned pep talks), and he'll be living at Jeopardy #004. He'll be in a human form by default, but probably only stay that way when he really needs to. In addition to switching between human and robot forms, he has the power to... light himself on fire, basically. Hey, it could come in handy!

I'm excited to play Rod here! If you want, you can add me on plurk at [ profile] pantherstrike.
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Jean2 here, and I am bringing you TAHANI AL-JAMIL FROM THE GOOD PLACE!!

She’s perfect!! And wonderful!! And definitely a good person, who does good people things, and isn’t self-obsessed at all. She’s going to shortly be setting up a charity or two, is a writer of the Online Advice Column 'Be a Better You’, lives at Maurtia Falls #006, and is GREAT!!

So great, even, that one of her powers comes into play here:

You Already Know Her.

That is to say, as per the power, your character is allowed to already have heard about her, be it from a magazine, she was at a party you went to, she hosted a party you went to, you had a dream where she kissed you… etcetera. It won’t be personal interactions, because that’s what CR is for, but all that matters is that you’ve already heard of her.

SO! Feel free to state here how your character already knows of her, or say so on my permission post here! (You can also see on that same post, she has a second power that pretty much only exists to be terrible to her, but won’t be coming into play at all).

Additionally, she’ll be coming in from the end of season 2, so if you do not want spoilers for that, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT SOME POINT, be it in the subject line of a thread, or a PM.
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Hellooooo MoM! \o/

My name is Koree, and I'm new to the game! I'll be bringing in Rapunzel and a whole lotta hair, both from the movie version of Tangled! She'll be coming in on the day before her birthday, right before Flynn invades the tower for the first time. She's probably going to need a lot of help between suddenly developing fire powers, learning how to modern, and going from being an involuntary hermit to being tossed in the middle of a bustling city and given a job.

God (or at least some helpful mortals??) help her, please.

I've heard a lot of lovely things about the game from friends, so I hope to have some fun here! I'll be posting either a network post or open log within the next day so replies to THIS post might be slow-ish. Feel free to hit me up if you have questions, or send me a PP on Plurk! It's [ profile] sweettalker. Just please PP me before trying to add.
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Hi all! Commander Akobi here will be porting out tonight and returning tomorrow with a brand spanking new power set: Morale Boost aka Power Amplification!

At first he won't know how to control it and may accidentally enhance any imPort's abilities (either natural abilities such as strength/speed/agility, or porter given abilities) for up to a week, unpredictably and at random. Once he gets a handle on it, he can choose what to enhance and how long to enhance it, from one hour to one week.

Any large scale power amplifications must be submitted as a plot request, so if you're interested in some shenanigans, plot with me here or on plurk ([ profile] objectpermanence) or discord (millennial falcon#9103)!

+1 Vessel

Jan. 9th, 2019 09:19 pm
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Hello! I'm PQ and I was here a long time ago with some idiot drug addict character and now I'm back with another less than super bright dude, but at least this time no drugs are involved. Thumbs up there.

This is Terra from the Kingdom Hearts series, the biggest, oldest, and most easily manipulated of the keykid bunch apped in this round. Terra's from near the end of his storyline in Birth by Sleep. He's a good and kind boy, just needs to be steered away from villains... almost constantly, really. Will Smith tada poses by this young man for any villains looking for an unwitting lackey.

He'll be living in Maurtia Falls #6 and will be an Athletics Counselor at Dusk to Dawn Center for Troubled Youth.

My plurk is [ profile] ipqi, feel free to add!

Looking forward to playing with you all!
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hi i'm gale and you can blame olesia for me bringing in a motorcycling card gamer and suddenly giving ruka castmates which she doesn't deserve nor want

Aaaaaanyways, this is Yusei Fudo, a.k.a the Protag of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. Not that you'd know it at first, given how he sorta has to be dragged into the plot via bribery, trickery, and theft and his overall lack of Plot Mandated Powers despite literally living in a card game sentai series, but hey. 

Yusei's coming in with the oddly specific power of Star Radar; a.k.a. using the stars to divine the locations of friends via very vague and bad directions, as well as some basic wind manipulation powers and also having his blood replaced with rainbows. Which are actually the physical manifestation of perpetual energy and is a highly versatile power that he will do nothing with other than using it to Never Sleep Again Because He Wants To Work On Motor Vehicles. 

He's not very good at this heroics thing. 

Yusei will be living in Jeopardy#004 and will be working as a Dealer at Jack's Casino & Cards; because of course they couldn't resist giving him a shady card game job, ha ha ha.

It's easiest to reach me on Plurk at [ profile] emexceedschangezearu or Gale#4674 on Discord, if you wanna plan anything.

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Hello, lovelies! Fey here (player of Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, Magnus Burnsides & Captain Rex) here with a temporary character: The Narrator from The Stanley Parable!

Those of you who were here in October 2017 may remember the last time I temporarily apped him in to run a SPOOKY HAUNTED HOUSE. I've apped him in this time for, hopefully, the same song in a different key: Valentine's Day is next month (I wanted to get the app in early so I could chat with our lovely mods well in advance), and my hopes are to go rom-com... maybe with a little drama mixed in.

If you have any ideas for that that you'd like me to send their way, let me know! And, of course, if you'd like to play with the Narrator here despite his temporary nature, just shoot me a PM or hit me up on plurk @ wisdombitch and I'd be happy to oblige! Next time y'all see me, hopefully I'll have a fun plot up and ready to go.
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Hello, again MOM, long time no see! My name is NoL though I've come and gone from this game since way back in its LJ days. I just can't quit this place.

Anyway, I've returned this time with my Destiny 2 Guardian, Kasia Nyx, and her Ghost, Nox (though he's unlikely to be seen much).

Like all Guardians (with the rare exception) she is technically an undead being, that is to say, she had been dead a long time before her Ghost found her and resurrected her. She is also Awoken, which were humans that were changed by a collision of the Light and the Darkness. She also has a neural-synaptic symbiosis with her Ghost, Nox, so it's possible telepaths might be able to pick up on him. If any of that is something your character can sense feel free to let me know over at my permissions post.

Kasia will be living Jeopardy #003 and was given the job as a receptionist at Madame Fortuna's Tarot & Soothsaying. My plurk is [ profile] rubberspaceducky so feel free to add me and/or hit me up for plotting.
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Hi MoM! Fenix here that IRL has settled down, all things cnsidered.

For those who don't know, Nikolai/Niko here is the '???' Rival from the Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal Games. Post-Canon but still not your friend and despite the fact he has a goddamn crobat now, he'll still happily tell you pokemon are tools etc.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the game and seeing who Niko pisses off this time how Niko grows as a person with no more updates left, though he won't be revealing the crobat for about a weekish!

Best way to grab me re: Plotting is at [ profile] dark_fenix or discord at fenixofthedark #9631.
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Hi everybody! I'm Luce, some of you might remember me being here a looooong long while ago and a looooonger while ago the time before that but Brokeback Mountain style I just don't know how to quit you so I'm back for a third time playing this adorable, loveable little dork called Sora, the worlds' (yes I do mean plural) nicest boy and the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Sheesh what's with the influx of Kingdom Hearts all of a sudden it's almost like there's a new game coming out in 24 days or something not like I'm counting or anything, honest.

Sora comes with Keyblade Wielder abilities, the ability to summon three adorable neon beasties called Dream Eaters and a new power that lets him create up to 12 copies of himself every time he gets hit in the chest with the occasional... interesting result.

He’s living in Maurtia Falls #007 with his besties Riku and Kairi and filling his time as a Student/Part-Time Clerk at Big Shoes, Big Hearts Clown Supplies Emporium.

You can hit me up on plurk at [ profile] LuceButNotLiterally or Disco as LoopyLuz#7506 or in pms, but I’m super happy to be here and play with you all!

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Hello everyone! My name is Gena and I'm totally new here! I'm bringing in the character Walter Strickler from the Netflix show Trollhunters. He's a changeling! Which means that he's a troll that can turn into a human. He used to be a villain, but now he's reformed mostly. He loves teaching history, throwing knives, and saying occasional, terrible puns.

He's also got a couple of power permissions/opt-ins over here! One is for any magic characters to sense that he's not human and made out of dark magic (fun!). The other is a power to make his target experience any injuries he gains, and/or he can take on their injuries (not fun!). I'm really excited for the possibilities.

He'll be living in De Chima #002, and working as an Associate at Dunker & Ymer Mediation Services. My plurk is [ profile] genalovestoons, come talk to me if you wanna plot! I'm looking forward to playing with you all. 
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hello everybody! i'm shikki and i'm brand spankin new. this is josh foley, better known as elixir and he hails from the marvel 616 universe. he's a young x-man so - you know, life has been pretty awful to him. take everything you think a healer should be and flip it on it's head and you have josh - he's the opposite of zen, temperamental, kind of a ho, not terribly smart, but he's got a good heart and is always trying his best to help people. even if he's decided 'helping people' now means hanging out with magneto and making questionable wardrobe choices.

he's gonna be in de chima #004 and his job is being a clerk at earthbound: healing crystals & minerals shop. he's a biokinetic with a healing touch and a death touch, and one of his abilities is to basically be a walking diagnostic unit and sense weird things about people's bodies so if that's a thing you want to play with drop a comment here and let me know!

you can hit me up on plurk at [ profile] minimoffs or at CHAOSTHEATRE#7869 on discord!
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Hello, all! Name's Dylan and I am bringing in Helena Wayne, aka the Huntress! She's from Pre Crisis Earth-Two and is therefore a much less broody variety of Bat than is typical (not that she's incapable of brooding, it's just not her default state).

She will definitely be perplexed by the vast assortment of additional sidekicks and Bat-persons here.

Timeline-wise, she's from the early 80's, so your pop culture references will probably go way over her head.

Powerwise, she's got perfect night vision, the ability to turn degrees of invisible in degrees of darkness, and the ability to glide (not fly) through the air, so all very useful to a nocturnal super-hero.

She's in Jeopardy #002 and is Assistant Manager at Who Was That Masked Man? Costume Shop.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!