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Hello all, here with the heads up that Padmé is being canon updated! She's porting out for Monday, March 18 and will return with all the fun memories leading up to and including her death.

Fair warning to her CR, be prepared for Emotions.
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Hello, MoMites! This post is to give you a heads-up about an upcoming shift to way the game's metaplot will be conducted. Over the coming months, along with the usual in-game events, players will have more opportunities to engage in plot, such as last month's initial sign-up for OTO-related interactions. (For those who signed up then, we thank you for your patience, and should have info for you soon!).

Later this year, matters centered on the OTO will ramp up to a climax, and characters will have the opportunity to make a serious impact on the world build and future of imPorts.

What does this mean ICly? That depends on your character! After all, we know that some characters are deeply involved in the whats, whys and hows of their presence here, and others just want to enjoy fame, fortune(?), and cool powers. Characters will have options to be involved as much or as little as they like through plotting posts and opt-out options.

What does this mean OOCly? In short: we plan to wrap up this long lasting leg of the plot and, following this, simplify and streamline ways of engaging with plot and setting elements by focusing on shorter-term, self-contained plots. It's been five years since imPorts first arrived in the game world, and we're aware that the accumulated history of metaplot can be daunting to both newcomers as well as oldbies who haven't been as involved with past plots. We love the care with which you've explored and investigated many aspects of the plot, but we don't want extensive background research to be a requirement for engagement!

To be fully transparent, this long history can be a challenge on the mod side as well. Our moderator team has changed several times since the game's inception. Additionally, many elements of the worldbuild, such as the Cold War plot, which were integral to the original setting and plot have been changed or scaled back due to parallels with real-world events. These were necessary changes, but we acknowledge that they left a lack of resolution in certain areas. We hope to fix that in the coming months and make the plot easier for mods to communicate and players to engage with.

Our ultimate goal with these changes is to make the setting of Mask or Menace one that all our players can engage with, no matter how much time you've spent here. We hope that by bringing some older elements of the game's plot to a concrete and definite close, we can satisfy long-time players while allowing room for the game to grow!

On a related note, we will be pausing future ambassador elections for the time being, although current sitting ambassador Logan Delos will retain his position. ICly, the government will undergo a period of assessment regarding the ambassador program; OOCly, we will be focusing on the changes described above but do plan to reexamine and retool ways characters can interact with the government, be it directly or through representatives.

tl;dr: To put it in comic book terms, we want to move away from a heavy omnibus as required reading and toward themed trade paperbacks and fun single issues.

Like in comics, while longtime superheroes may face an endless struggle against their greatest foes, once in a while it's important they have the opportunity to achieve a major victory... or experience catastrophic failure. Which will it be for you, heroes? We're looking forward to finding out. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below!
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Hello everyone! New player Katie here, with someone who won't be exactly thrilled at certain of the circumstances around his being here. But he doesn't always get what he wants, does he?

This is Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, and he's coming in from the third "early years" movie. In the game he has his usual canon powers. For those unfamiliar with canon, that means he can do things like this:

He controls metal. Which he can actually use for a lot of things.

Because he can affect other people with this ability, I have a permissions post. It's not a requirement to fill it out, but it also has some information about what exactly he can do with his abilities.

I'm looking forward to seeing what he gets up to around here! You can find me on plurk at [ profile] siriuslydementd for plotting or anything else.
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Hey, what's up internet. I am Jeff and this here is a card game boy named Rua, no last name given, from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, a show about card games on motorcycles. If you think he looks familiar, then you're right! He's the twin brother of Ruka, no last name given, from the same series, that one girl (user name of [personal profile] dragony) that likes moon emojis and eyepatches. If you think he's familiar for a different reason, you're also right! I played Rua here at both Cape and Cowl and Mask or Menace at various points from 2009 alllll the way up to last year.

His powers are gonna be Technopathy, an ability to understand and control machines as well as feel the emotions of sentient machines like A.I. and stuff. He'll also have his Signer Mark which is basically some ancient destiny magic dragon BS from his canon that lets him do cool stuff like find other Signers and absorb some of the stress other people take on when using their own powers. So if you have a power that like, blows your heart up or something, hey, grab his hand or something and we can just. Half-blow both of our hearts up, together. That's an objective improvement.

He's gonna be living in Jeopardy #004, where in addition to being a student, he'll be a part-time bus boy at a local diner. If you wanna hit me up for any reason, you can find me on plurk at [ profile] ViewtifulJeff or on Discord at ViewtifulJeff#3086!
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Hey, everyone! I left the game about a year or so ago and after mourning over the mess that is The Walking Dead show, I got the inspiration to fuck canon and go just play Carl again. This time, however, he will be without game memories because I honestly cannot keep track of that.

Carl is a young survivor of a typical "end of the world" story that involves, naturally, zombies. He's gotten ruthless over it, but not quite - he's yet to met Negan, after all. So surviving is something he got down pat, as clearly seen here:


Carl's power is Fatal Bite, where by biting someone he can pretty much given someone a death sentence and turn them into a zombie. NPCs are turned into the typical Walking Dead zombies, but for PCs you guys can be as creative as you like, as long as they irreverently turn and have a desire to attack and/or eat people.Hereis his permissions post about it, though I'll change up to add a more general permissions page later on. In the meantime, Carl lives in Nonah 003 and when he's not failing his classes he's a part-time stock boy for the Into the Wild Camping Supplies store.

For OOC contact, PM in this account or over at my plurk at
[ profile] devimelete
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Greetings, people of Mask or Menace! Some of you may know me from other games and/or from puns dropped in random plurks. I'm Gore, and I come to you with an animated protagonist in the form of Finn Mertens from Adventure Time! He's a good-natured adventurous young lad who has been through a lot over the course of the series. He loves action and adventure, although he's also mellowed out to an extent on the whole violent front, and he can generally just be a chill person to hang around with. A number of people may recognize him specifically as the fleshy human version of a character currently in-game, Fern. So that'll be fun!

Finn will be coming in from after Adventure Time's series finale, and his hero name will straight-up be ADVENTURE! His powers will include having a robotic hand, making random objects into swords and projecting a shoulder angel-like version of Jake the Dog to dispense a random piece of advice to himself or others. He'll be living at Nonah #002 and become a student as well as having a job as a part-time clerk at Dice & Daggers Tabletop Gaming Supplies!

I look forward to throwing him around the game! You can find me on plurk at [ profile] goreo.
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Thank you for all your submissions, MoMites! Below the cut are the temporary settings items which will ICLY appear in game as of this post. Everyone who gave to the charity auction in the February Swear-in and commented to the plotting post should have their item listed below! If not, please let us know on this post.

Personal items for this first round will be mailed out by the government and arrive at their destinations tomorrow. If you have not plotted someone else getting your item, assume it reaches your character safety!

Ask any questions below!

In Giving We Recieve... )
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HELLO MOM, masks, menaces, neither/both, it's gabbie (rn I play reggie mantle here) finally bringing in a second character again: this is Alan Zaveri, from Netflix's Russian Doll. if you're unfamiliar, think of it a bit as Groundhog Day meets The Good Place and also kind of The Twilight Zone. read about it here on his info page if you like, though mind the content warnings!

but anyway... he's coming in from mid(ish) episode 6, but obviously even being here isn't going to be able to help much with him and Nadia being unfortunately death prone, but luckily his powers (same link, just scroll down) overlap with that! and here is a permissions post.

finally, he's in nonah #001 with the job of customer service phone operator for StressBallz!, which is a product he'll probably need a lot of, so... maybe... it'll be fine. I'm on plurk / discord at [ profile] reggiemantle / gabbie#9039 if you want to hit me up for any reason, excited to get going with him!
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Hey all! I'm Dalrint, I'm new though I was here ages ago, and I am bringing in Laura Kinney AKA Wolverine from Marvel Comics! She's a clone of the other, more famous but less cool Wolverine, and has all of his powers but less hair and alcoholism and obsessing with redheads. Also less grumpy. She definitely solves her problems with violence the way he does, though.

She'll be coming in from the end of All-New Wolverine/X-men Red, so spoilers up through those if people haven't read them yet. Also, for those unfamiliar, Laura's backstory is basically horrible and full of things like murder and slavery and child abuse and prostitution and all that fun junk. There's a permission post on her journal for avoiding it, though! Luckily she doesn't talk about it quite as much as she used to.

Most of the time anyway.

She'll be living in Maurtia Falls #007, and has a job as a mobile knife sharpener! Who knows if she'll ever show up to that, though. Also I just realized she'll be living with three kingdom hearts kids. Oh those poor children...

Anyhoo, that's it. Feel free to message me or add me on plurk over at [ profile] dalrint or on discord at dalrint#7020 for plotting or just talking or whatever! It's nice to be back. :D
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Hey hey! I'm Rica, I was here maybe a year ago with Jughead and now I'm back!

I'm bringing in Nadia Vulvokov from the Netflix show Russian Doll. She's lately gotten into the habit of dying a whole lot, something that she will continue to do with some regularity during her time in MoM. If you want to read up on all that, her app is over here and if you want nothing to do with all the trauma, drug use and child neglect that the show deals with, there will be a permissions post here in the near future.

Nadia is staying in Nonah #004 and her assigned job is "Teller at Groundhog Day Holiday Supplies", which she will keep for all of three seconds. I'm available at [ profile] reveillez or Discord ricamarch#3742 for all your plotting and friending needs.

It's good to be back and I look forward to throwing her difficult-to-love self at all of you!

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Hey guys! This is Molly (player of Angus McDonald [personal profile] hellosirs), and I'm bringing back Doreen Green, aka The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl from Marvel comics! Doreen is an optimistic, gung-ho college student with the ability to talk to squirrels and a bunch of squirrely powers, like super strength, a big fluffy squirrel tail, the ability to chew through solid wood, etc. Her interests include squirrels, natch, Computer Science, fighting crime, and making friends!

Doreen's gonna be living in Nonah #002 (hi roomies!), and her assigned job is, I quote, "Quality Assurance for DeezNuts!", thank you mods. She also spent a few months in MoM way back when, and she'll be keeping her memories of her past time here. Canon-wise, I'm taking her from just after The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats up the Marvel Universe, so if anyone would like to trade clone stories, hit her up.

One more thing! Doreen's best pal Tippy-Toe is coming with her this time around. Tippy has no special powers, she's just a regular squirrel with awesome fashion sense and a passion for fighting crime.

Anyway, yeah! I'll be tossing her into things tomorrow (how is it already after midnight, curse you DST!), AND I'm [ profile] sonopants on Plurk, hit me up if you'd like to plot some shenanigans!
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Hello everyone!

My name's Peachie and, now that things have settled down for me, I decided to give Mask or Menace another shot with a new character!

Klaus here is from The Umbrella Academy, a recent Netflix show about a family of dysfunctional superheroes. Klaus can see ghosts, and tends to numb his abilities with drugs, so he is basically one giant CW: drug use, alcohol use, and death.

Klaus's permissions, as well as his spoiler permissions, can be found HERE - please take a look at it, and I have 0 issues with people wanting to opt out of playing with him.

That said, you can always hit me up a [ profile] peachkoala if you want to plot with this disaster of a human being.

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Hello, all! I am Amy (of the Laurie Collins/[personal profile] fridgeflower variety), bringing in a second character: Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena.

If you haven't watched the series, it's a rose-laden show about a bunch of Kids With Issues sword fighting in order to possess Anthy, who claims to be "The Rose Bride," and will apparently grant her groom the "Power to Revolutionize the World." I've taken Anthy from fairly late in the series, just before the ramp-up into the finale, so she is very much full of spoilers if you were planning on watching this quality 90s program.

More information about Anthy, her history, and her powers can be found here.

Please Note: Revolutionary Girl Utena is a show with a lot of potentially uncomfortable/triggering material, including incest, sexual coercion, rape, abusive relationships, and violence. Most of which involves minors and is inseparable from Anthy's existence. I will not bring these topics up willy-nilly and will always provide content warnings when sensitive material is included in tags. That said, I do have a Permissions Post if you want to establish hard boundaries on subject matter or opt out of interacting with Anthy altogether.

Also, Zero hooked my timeline up with LMAFO/Rinbu Revolution, so. Here's that!
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Hey guys, this is Icey (player of Riku), bringing her second character: meet Shun Kurosaki from the fifth series of the never-ending Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise (Arc-V)!

Shun is from after his canon ends (which, in spite of how it tries to present itself, is definitely the Bad Ending) – so after spending the last two years or so fighting in the Dimensional War and losing more or less everything that he cared for most, he'll need a while to figure out what to do with himself. On short term, he'll probably ditch school and his cashier job at Geek & Sundries Hobby Shop and go look for some kind of underground fighting ring, because what is life without violence. :|b

He is new to both of his powers: Falcon Soul (super!vision, slightly enhanced speed and other bird of prey traits) and Bird Gallery (every bird in his vicinity watches his every move and work as his personal peanut gallery because that is so not going to get creepy at all, especially when he gets agitated).

He has been assigned to Nonah #003 and I apologize to his room mates in advance, because Shun is prickly and abrasive, mostly to cover for the fact that he's currently very much not okay.

I'm looking to playing him against all of you, his intro will go up either today or (more likely) tomorrow! If anyone wants to plot for him or Riku, feel free to friend my plurk ([ profile] iceyly) or my discord (iceyly#7221)! :3
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Howdy all

My name is Gann and it’s been a bit since I was here. Things have settled down and are good, so time to come back. I bring you Ben Hargreeves from Netflix’s new show The Umbrella Academy. I know, bandwagoning and all, but he really resonates with me. He's about 17 in body, 29 in mind, has weird tentacles that come out of his skin on command, and has a ghost like ability in this place which should be fun. I won't explain too much about him here but...

SPOILER FORM in Permissions: Can be found here

Fill that out if you’d rather me not tag you or what not. He’s a bit of a mild walking spoiler, but I intend to avoid the end of the season as best as I can.

That said, I look forward to playing with you all! My plurk is “redlionspride” and my discord is “RedLionsPride#9087” so feel free to reach out and all that.

Oh yeah! He lived in Jeopardy #4! So house mates, let us meet :D

This Is Ben!
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Hello all! Amy here bringing in Vanya from The Umbrella Academy — a sad woman who loves her insane family of former superheroes and has only ever been Just Ordinary. She plays the violin and has always wanted to be a Hero, so this is kind of a second chance at that for her.

I can't say much more than that, I don't want to ruin the show for anyone who hasn't seen it (it's amazing, you should watch it!). To that end, please fill out Vanya's permissions so I know what level of spoilers would be okay in any threads we might have.

Vanya will be living in individual housing in Nonah and working as a Clerk at Beethoven's Fifth Music Supplies & Repair Shop. She'll be more than interested in training with her new powers, as well as finding students and maybe an orchestra or ensemble to play with. You can reach me at [ profile] taintedcrimson or taintedcrimson#0896 with any concerns/questions/plotting/etc!
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Hello there! I'm Shannon, and I'm new to DW RP (and I'd love any tips you can give!). I bring to the table a teenaged OC named Ruby Nakamura!

A red haired teen reaching for a milkshake. The image is sketchy, with digital colour being applied.
(I'm so sorry for the dirty-lined image. This is a beta sketch of her I did a real fast colour on since I hadn't drawn her before, just a character who looks a lot like her!)

She's a scrawny kid who's still adjusting to freedom, and now she's gotta figure out how to adapt to a new world. She's bound to make a lot of (silly, and probably a few scary) mistakes. Her powers are the ability to have an emotional sitdown with an animal and find out what's up, creation of mild-sized flames - a real good skill to have when camping, and the ability to jump through one open flame and come out another one.

Thanks to everything up to becoming an imPort she's got like no idea who she is as a person, including what she likes (aside from dogs - she loves dogs). But one thing she does know is she wants to form connections with other people, especially people around her age. She'll be getting plenty of social interaction with her new part time job at Pearl's Diner in De Chima!

Plotting is more than welcome, and I can be messaged on this account or on Twitter or Plurk! I'm GreyWays on both of them! If you'd like to hit me up on discord, please message me privately for my handle (or tell me below you want it, and I'll send it your way!)

Ruby is now housed at De Chima #003, and I'd love for her to meet her new roomies!

I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Thank you for your time!
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Hello everyone! It's Shana, player of Georgia Mason ([personal profile] choosetruth), here with my second character. Meet Gabby Kinney! She's a clone of Laura Kinney, who's a clone of Logan.

She's a sweet and precious child with a bone claw in each hand and a healing factor. The people who cloned her also took away her ability to feel pain, so she can often be a little reckless. But hey, she literally can't be hurt! WHY NOT? She's also now going by the superhero name Honey Badger because she's awesome.

Also she's got a pet wolverine and in addition to her canon powers, she's now got a psychic link to him and the ability to talk to all mustelids. And understand them. That part's important too.

If you want to plot or whatever, I'm [ profile] antivillain on plurk and antivillain#2451 on discord. Looking forward to inflicting Gabby on all of you! She's certainly an experience. OH and she's in Maurtia Falls #006 if anyone wants roommate shenanigans!
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Hi everyone, I'm Joly! I was in this game years ago but I doubt anyone would remember, LOL. But I'm back now that I've fallen back into KH Hell.

I'm bringing in Data-Sora, who's a digital replica of the original Sora. You'll be able to tell the difference because this one's baby-sized much more of a half-pint. He was created to repair a digitized journal and investigate a ~mysterious message~ written inside of it. He knows he's made of data and he's actually chill about it. He did recently gain a heart! Data-Sora's gonna be an actual human while in MoM though!

Besides usual Keyblade powers, he has some new non-canon powers which involve digital transportation (along with a "pocket datascape") and some real world instant debugging powers which I detailed in his app here!

Data-Sora'll be staying in Nonah #004 and he's a Student/Part-Time Student Worker at Heropa Public Schools Technology Services. He's your tech guy if your computer gets viruses or the system starts acting up. JUST DON'T ASK FOR TECHNICAL EXPLANATIONS HE WON'T KNOW.

He's taken from the end of Re:Coded, so he's felt a bunch of memories (and seen certain people!!!) that were hidden deep in the real Sora's heart. He's not really well in the know what's going on with the rest of series though, so I expect a lot of "HUH? WHAT? I DON'T GET IT BUT I'LL HELP YOU ANYWAY." Wow, sorry, castmates...

Looking forward to playing with everyone!!! My contact's on Discord at gummiphone#6681 or feel free to PM me!