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That is the big question, isn't it? Characters get the spiel, sure, but it's up to them if they choose to accept that answer or not. What we want to do is be able to keep track of what is what, who is where, so on and henceforth, which is why this post will now be linked with every new Swear-In log so that every character can be counted even on the OOC level.

We'd also like to outline some of the bigger differences between the choices, although more may develop as the game and the plot progresses.


The default, the straight-and-narrow, the choice that gets you the goods. REGISTERED HEROES get free housing, job security, free medical insurance/benefits, a legal pardon/allowance to work outside the law enough to superhero effectively (as the case may be) while still working and being coordinated with the law, not against it. Vigilantes are illegal, after all, and the general public is willing to temper their wariness toward superheroes only when they are registered imPorts.


To be UNSETTLED is not to say you're off the grid and it is not signing yourself up to be a vigilante outright, but you're off the government's grid enough that they will say, for National Safety reasons, they can't afford to vouch for you. You can stay in your house if your housemates will let you, but if they decide to boot you out you have no more ownership of that space. You are on your own for work, for health benefits, and of course any superhero/vigilante work you do will be considered illegal and will be regarded with appropriate wariness and legal action, such as the cases may be. All characters who are not registered will have their assigned work status adjusted to "probationary" before they are let go from their position.


Registered heroes are eligible to apply for or receive any assignment listed on the monthly assignment posts, but they are not required. They are, however, required to complete any assignments they commit to.

Unsettled characters will still be eligible to apply for or receive assignments as they are considered a way to encourage anyone Unsettled to register, although they will be eligible for different and in some cases fewer assignments than a Registered character would be. However, they will also not be subject to any inherent consequences if they commit to an assignment but do not complete it.

Please respond to this post with your name, your character's name, and their current status. Do not reply to your comment unless you are doing a catch-all top level for yourself so that if your character does change statuses at any point you can edit it.
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Hello, everyone! Adachi's going to be porting out briefly for a power update.

Thanks to the CR he's built here, Adachi's been able to grow as a human being and accept himself a little more. Because of this, his Persona's going to change, which means he's going to get punted back home for a day for this to happen. He'll be gone on May 1st, and he'll be coming back late afternoon the next day.

But Adachi's still an idiot, so he's not even going to realize that his Persona changed right away, leaving him without his strongest power for awhile. When he can use it again, information on his new power will be found here
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Late in April or early in May, depending on when I manage to tag into anything new -- the Man in Black will be returning from a (very) short canon update with some changes to his power set.

The update will take him closer to the end of episode 10 -- right up to the edge. Although he’ll have been missing from the world of MoM for a week or two, the time spent back in his canon universe will only be a few hours, for maximum disorientation.

He’s not losing or gaining any new powers, but there are several changes to his existing set. On the minor end, he’ll be able to summon his robot horse at will rather than having to wait for it to die to respawn.

The cliffnotes version for the cumulative effect of the more major changes is that he’ll be better equipped to take a beating, and more likely to make a mess in the process.

A detailed breakdowns of all of his abilities is located here.
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Hey all! Junseo will be porting out for a few days for a canon update.

When Junseo last left home he was a freshly transformed vampire who had just been picked up by the Vampire King of Seoul. This time a year and a half will pass for Junseo before he ports back in, and he'll be properly trained (mostly) and know all there is to know about this whole vampire thing (kind of). At the very least he'll have a lot more know-how than he had when he left.

He'll be showing back up around the first of May.
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Hi all, Chinatown here! I ran the Cold War Confessional plot. ICly, it ended April 21 when Sylar was captured. OOCly, you can feel free to backtag forever.

I'm posting this because I am seeking feedback. A number of things went wrong, insofar as that I had planned to be considerably more interactive (i.e., my NPCing some more things) but got totally swamped IRL with a major career exam. Vast apologies for those who encountered this problem. That aside, I hope that there was enough material for people to work with in a self-guided way.

Please leave your comments and criticisms here. What would you like to see again? What would have been better to do differently? What did you like regardless? There's a chance I'll run another plot on this game someday, so your response is appreciated! Thanks.

-1 Medium

Apr. 24th, 2017 10:41 am
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Hey guys, I was really excited to get back into things but I gave myself a deadline on getting a job and despite a promising lead did not make that deadline. I can't devote myself 100% to job searching and give this game the attention it deserves, and I'm really sorry about that. I hope you'll have me again some day! Thanks for a wonderful year, it absolutely breaks my heart to leave... I'm gonna get emotional if I keep talking so instead, uh, best wishes and good luck and y'all rock ilsmtyvm
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As of tonight, Hermann's officially been arrested, and is public knowledge to anyone that pays the news any mind. Updates and details of the case and his subsequent sentence trickle through the week, leading up to his transfer from jail to a local medium-security prison on the 30th.

This is a result of the background data collection plot I posted about last month. The data Hermann's extracted was current as of April 17th, so going forward, he won't have records of anyone ported in or out after that date. Everything before then is fair game of course.

That said, this post is mainly a reminder to opt-out if you wouldn't like your character's names or port-in/out dates collected. Details in the original post, but with a newer addendum:

Secret identities are safe from collection unless specifically volunteered.

Reason being unnecessary complication really, as Hermann's not terribly interested in anyone's identity and only wants their data to sequence for mathematical purposes. Less work all around!

Woops, meant for this to be shorter. But please do direct any questions, opt-outs, or general plot queries to the original post if possible for the sake of organization- thank you!
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Hello, everyone, and welcome back from your slumber - and welcome to a new plot headed your way! Don't worry, it's not for a few weeks yet, but we need your help to plan it!

Scientists from the R&D Biochemical Department of HEAVEN SCENT will be coming forward to ask for blood samples -- as advertised via pop-up ads throughout the Network text posts, of course -- for the purpose of imPorts discovering what scientifically defined future powers they may get upon porting out and getting ported back in (theoretically). These scientists will emphasize that this is important not only because of the basic impulse to anticipate brand new powers, but also that learning one's full potential ahead of time would better enable imPorts to control any harmful powers they may get. This is all in the name of scientific study and public safety! And, for their trouble, imPorts will be given monetary compensation ($400 cash per imPort).

Of course, it's not as simple as that - there will be some more nefarious things afoot done with these samples. You know how corporations are! But what it is that's going to happen will remain a mystery for now! Just know that if you're signing up your character, you'll have the opportunity to partake in a larger plot later! To reiterate: those who give blood will not be expected to participate in future events, but if you do sign up, there will be some unique plots headed your way!

Sign-ups will remain OPEN through the entirety of May, and possibly the bulk of June as well, however we do ask that people sign up as soon as possible so we can get the wheels on this plot rolling. For those of you that play two or more characters, you may sign up as many characters as you like. To sign up, please fill out the following form:

Thank you, and have a good day!

ADDENDUM: if you are interested in your character's DNA samples being taken without their knowledge and without their consent, please sign up with "UNWITTING" in the subject header. You are NOT ELIGIBLE for the secret bonus this way. This is because Heaven Scent will be granting the bonuses and cannot give a bonus to a character who does not know their DNA sample has been taken.
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Hello, everyone! This is just a quick post to notify you of some administrative changes to Mask or Menace.


As of next month's activity period and going forward, players will have two new options for providing activity proofs!

1) Multiple threads in mod-posted logs or specially marked logs. While we don't wish for players to rely on a single source of activity, due to the large size of certain event logs and player feedback, we will now allow two threads with different characters to be used as proofs if they are from logs posted by mods or from the monthly swear-in log, even if a player journal posts the swear-in for event-plotting reasons. Additionally, players will be permitted to submit two threads from logs for certain game-wide player plots. The mod team will judge large-scale plots on a case-by-case basis during the submission process; if an event log is good for two proofs, the player running the plot will be required to put it in the log description. Individual catch-all or open logs will still only be good for one proof.

The thread length requirement will not change.

2) In-Character Inboxes. Players may now use a thread from an IC inboxes for one proof each month if it contains 15 comments or more from their characters. A second proof in the form of a network thread, log thread or post will still be required.

Again, these changes will take effect during the month of May, so please don't submit multiple threads from a single log or inbox threads during the upcoming activity check at the end of this month.


Additionally, we would like to announce that Discord has won the polls for the new method of contact! If you wish to list your Discord account on our Player Contact sheet, please fill out the Discord section on the form HERE. This sheet is going to be used for maintenance, so even if you don't have a Discord, do not delete your name from the spreadsheet. Just leave it blank, and you'll be good to go! If you want your Discord listed, you have until ten days from now, April 29, to fill out the form, otherwise you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and comment to the Registration Post to update your Discord - this is just to make the first sweep easier and more convenient for both you and our lovely helpstaff!


Finally, if you missed it, Lae has officially stepped down as a moderator and player of Mask or Menace due to RL obligations — we'd like to take this moment to give her a huge thank you for all of the work she's done over the past year. She's been absolutely instrumental in keeping the game running, and while she'll be sorely missed, we wish her the very best!

Thank you and happy playing!
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Good afternoon fellow MoM-ites!

I come with sad news. Due to a significant uptick in RL work responsibilities, and the time suck that comes with them, I have made the difficult decision to step down as a mod for MoM and to leave the game.

The Maria-Francis Foundation, and its assets, will be signed over to the joint control of Tony Stark, Erik Lehnsherr and Jane Grey.

I have had a wonderful year + in MoM, which has included getting to RP with some amazing people and the opportunity to work with a brilliant mod team. I am sincerely going to miss everybody in this bar.

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Hello, fellow MoMers! A few of you might wondering if I'm even still in the game anymore. The rest are probably wondering who the heck I am, haha. HELLO, I AM TSA, I PLAY MIGHTY MAX from that show you vaguely remember being syndicated on weekday mornings before school. ...Supposedly. I've had a bit of a consistency problem with my tagging.

I am still in the game! Things just got very busy and hectic over the past couple months, as anyone who follows me on Plurk might now. But hey, on the bright side, I am now a homeowner! I have a house and its cute and it's mine.

Things got tight as far as time and energy go for a while. February was hectic, I hiatused over March during the purchasing process and unfortunately I'm still a little slow right now trying to get everything ready and move in for realsies.

Now that I have a bit more time and energy, I will be hitting some very old backtags! And by old I mean hella, please feel free to ignore them if you're done with the thread.

aaand of course I'll also be getting back into the swing of things by trying to tag out to logs and events and things.

LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTIN BACK INTO IT. And you can find me on plurk at [ profile] thepreciousthing


Apr. 16th, 2017 12:47 pm
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Hi everyone! Zoe here, informing you all that Calendar Man is going home today.

I've been struggling with the amount of characters I've had and have been debating him for a while, and post-hiatus it was clear I needed to drop somebody. I do intend to bring him back later if possible, so hopefully come Autumn he'll turn up again. But for now I'm gonna have a break and concentrate on my other slightly less troublemaking characters for a while.

I adore his cr & I'm really sad to have to do this, and I'm sorry if this derails some plans with him and cr he never got to develop. You're all wonderful.

And yes, I 100% decided a holiday was the appropriate time to drop him, fight me.
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hello friends! so i've "refined" archie's powers slightly; he has his water breathing power, he can see underwater now (refined his original power) and water pressure won't get to him! how fun, never suffering from the bends!!!

i've also removed his hyperspace power and added a healing one which i feel fits him better; he can now heal............. animals. he can't bring them back from the dead or anything but HE CAN HEAL THEM. TIME TO BE THE BEST VET EVER!!

finally, he has muk and mighteyna and can mega evolve sharpedo again!. for the canon blind, mighteyna is a dog pokémon and muk is literally a giant sentient pile of slime. mega evolution is basically just making sharpedo BIGGER AND COOLER. luv it.
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Hi everyone! I'm Leah, I play Jim Kirk from Star Trek, and I'm here to bring you:

Richard Campbell Gansey III, aka "Gansey" from the book series The Raven Cycle!

He is not as much of a fuckboy as you expect him to be, despite his khakis, boat shoes, handsome face, and money. He's a sweet guy once you get to know him and would do anything for his friends and he loves very intensely if you can get past the amiable cooperative mask he puts up, being the son of politicians in old money Virginia, no less.

I look forward to having him meet people!
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Idk if I need to do this but I figure it's worth giving y'all a head's up: people who live in the imPort housing of Heropa! Heropa #20 is gonna be set on fire on April 13th! Nobody's getting hurt, but because Mick used his heat gun to do it it'll go up too fast to really be stopped before a lot of damage is done.


Anyway, uh, carry on.
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There's a point when you have to ask yourself, when does a trend end and an invasion begins?

Whatever, this is Crowley. Crowley Jones. That's totally a made up name, jsyk. And I'm Will, bringing you this mess of issues and bad decisions of an OC, because there's never enough Tatianas running around and you know it. Crowley comes from a world where lots of people have powers, but for the most part that hasn't impacted the way the world works so much. There's a tight leash on that sort of thing and shenanigans are forbidden.

That means that Crowley is all about shenanigans, of course! She's a highly trained thief and abnormally badass fighter/spy/assassin although she can't remember why, just like she can't remember most of her life anyway. Fun times! She's a bit of an ass, but for the most part you can think of her as the silly, shady yet lovable rogue that's usually into something not entirely legal but certainly entertaining (while she's secretly into far more serious shit, because duplicity is the name of the game).

She's going to be shacking up in Nona #007 for the time being and works as a palm reader (I love it), so if you want to get scammed, you know where to go!

Finally, she comes with the power to steal powers! Which means that all she needs to do is touch your character and bam! She'll take one of your character's powers for some hours (randomly if she doesn't know which one to take specifically). There's a permissions and op out post you should go in case you want to preemptively keep her sticky fingers out of the way, so check it out.

And you should totally add me on [ profile] beoluve if you haven't.

+1 zero-g

Apr. 11th, 2017 08:03 pm
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'sup! it's Jade, player of Barry Allen. I decided I don't have enough scientific losers here to challenge myself on a subject that is not my forte, so I thought I'd bring in Raven Reyes from the 100! she's the resident Zero-G, mechanic, go-to person for Getting Shit Done, and overall a lovely person who does not have an ego problem from time to time. she also does not know anything beyond space and post-apocalyptic messes. she's coming in from the end of 3x16 after saving the world from one crazy lady in red.

I've given her the abilities of Bionic Physiology and Regenerative Healing, which is not something she had back home. she's chilling in Heropa #030 and is a Bungee Cord Safety Expert at the Boing Boing Bridge. all you need to know about Raven is that she's a badass who is the best, and she will ensure you know that, and is often aggressively sarcastic to hide her insecurities and to be voted The World's Next Top Mechanic.

I can be found @ [ profile] bogans for any plotting! ♥
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Hey everyone! You can call me AJ and I'm a first timer bringing in Link from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! He's very quiet and composed so expect copious ellipses and linebreaks! I'm really, really super excited to be here and play with you all! This has been something I've wanted to do for a long time and it's cool to finally be in game. I have a brand new plurk account for plotting that is in desperate need of friends, so feel free to add me at [ profile] ajmaybe !!!

I hope we can all have some fun together! ^^
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Hello Menaces!

Ry here with a quick note that Piper's being ported out for 24 hours for a quick power tweak regarding how his ratspeak powers work, and both Ted and Taako are on hiatus for the month while I adjust to working my ass off in my new position at my new job!
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Hello, I'm Kit. New here and bringing in a weird little hooved blond girl, Opal, from The Raven Cycle. She'll be a student for now and staying at De Chima #006. Her powers are limited dreamwalking, selective teleportation and animal summoning. I never quite know what to say in an intro but happy to be here.

Feel free to add or message me on plurk [ profile] poetanarchy
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Erik will be gone until 9 PM EST tomorrow for a power update! He'll come back with telepathy blocking powers and a third eyelid straight in time for the dream plot ! ! ! ! !

And yes he kept magnetism