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That is the big question, isn't it? Characters get the spiel, sure, but it's up to them if they choose to accept that answer or not. What we want to do is be able to keep track of what is what, who is where, so on and henceforth, which is why this post will now be linked with every new Swear-In log so that every character can be counted even on the OOC level.

We'd also like to outline some of the bigger differences between the choices, although more may develop as the game and the plot progresses.


The default, the straight-and-narrow, the choice that gets you the goods. REGISTERED HEROES get free housing, job security, free medical insurance/benefits, a legal pardon/allowance to work outside the law enough to superhero effectively (as the case may be) while still working and being coordinated with the law, not against it. Vigilantes are illegal, after all, and the general public is willing to temper their wariness toward superheroes only when they are registered imPorts.


To be UNSETTLED is not to say you're off the grid and it is not signing yourself up to be a vigilante outright, but you're off the government's grid enough that they will say, for National Safety reasons, they can't afford to vouch for you. You can stay in your house if your housemates will let you, but if they decide to boot you out you have no more ownership of that space. You are on your own for work, for health benefits, and of course any superhero/vigilante work you do will be considered illegal and will be regarded with appropriate wariness and legal action, such as the cases may be. All characters who are not registered will have their assigned work status adjusted to "probationary" before they are let go from their position.


Registered heroes are eligible to apply for or receive any assignment listed on the monthly assignment posts, but they are not required. They are, however, required to complete any assignments they commit to.

Unsettled characters will still be eligible to apply for or receive assignments as they are considered a way to encourage anyone Unsettled to register, although they will be eligible for different and in some cases fewer assignments than a Registered character would be. However, they will also not be subject to any inherent consequences if they commit to an assignment but do not complete it.

Please respond to this post with your name, your character's name, and their current status. Do not reply to your comment unless you are doing a catch-all top level for yourself so that if your character does change statuses at any point you can edit it.
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Hello MoMites! As the summer ends and the new fall lineup begins, the television studios of MoM’s America are auditioning for their own brand-new show, Big Brother 3000: a reality TV show in space. And every imPort is being asked to try-out!

As there are IC rewards for participating in each day, we ask you to please comment HERE with your character name as the header and a link to their activity for each day of the competition they participate in in the body of the comment. If you have multiple characters participating, please make a separate comment for each one. This list will also be of use to us in future events involved with the show, so even if your character isn’t picked for the show itself don’t lose hope!

The characters selected will be announced at the end of October, so please feel free to keep tagging and having your characters appear in the various try-out days throughout October. The IC post linked above explains many of the details, especially about each of the try out days. Please direct all questions HERE.
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Hey, guys! Some of you may have noticed that tags have gone to a standstill for about a week and a half or so - this is just a notice that this will probably continue for a few days, and that they'll be coming back in a trickle, not a deluge. My apologies for that, and for not being in communication with you all for it; some RL and health stuff prevented me from coming online.

When I come back, I intend to tag a lot of what's been left behind, but some will be dropped as well, so I encourage you to let me know what you'd absolutely like for me to keep - and to tell me if too long has passed, and if you'd prefer that I just drop it now.

Thank you, and thank you for your continued patience with me! It's much appreciated.

(This affects Rusty Venture ([personal profile] musclemothers), Jaime Reyes ([personal profile] khajidont), and Magnus Burnsides ([personal profile] burlyboy) )
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I've hiatused from now until October 22nd. Hopefully I will be back in action before then, but the old brainmeats are being a bit hideous, so I thought I might just take some pressure off myself and put up an official apology for being slow and flakey while I wrangle things.

This will effect Lara Croft ([personal profile] crofts), MK ([personal profile] ewenique), Shadow Moon ([personal profile] shadohdamn) and this sentient dumpster, Sarissa.

I might need to drop some things when I return, but if we have something going that is important to hash out for IC development reasons or plot stuff, please let me know and I will continue tagging that as speedily and reliably as I can! I'm still around and available for chatting and will be able to focus on threads here and there, I just need to free up some mental energy for juggling other stuff atm.
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Hey, all! It's Jean with a couple of things.

Firstly, I decided to drop Technical Boy ([personal profile] twatter) from American Gods. He was a lot of fun in this setting and opened up a lot of CR opportunities to me that I didn't really have access to with all of my older crew, but I don't have the time to make him the properly large influence he needs to be. :[ So I let him go for the time being.

Second of all, Baelish here will be porting out for a power update. Or rather instead of an update, it'll just be an upgrade. His mockingbird power is going to now extend to ALL birds. He will be able to communicate AND transform into any and all birds at will. Might want to watch out when purchasing that parakeet from the pet store now. Could very well be a spy for Littlefinger! But he will be disappearing tomorrow and returning Saturday, mildly inconvenienced by the port out.

And lastly, I've been on hiatus for the duration of September. Normally I'm able to at least get to some backtags during that time, but this month has been a well-needed break from all game stuff just to get my head back on track. When I get back in October, I'll likely be starting fresh. So I just wanted to give a heads up, and if we had something old going on, that is definitely an invitation for something new in October!

Anyway, hiatus affects Petyr Baelish ([personal profile] baetiful), Raina ([personal profile] flowerette), and Maeve Millay ([personal profile] maevelous). See you guys October 1st!
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Hey friends, just a heads up that I'll be on hiatus for the rest of September. I have a wedding in the family and my load at work isn't going to be light for a while.

John will be on autopilot with godmod rights to the #DarknessNoParents gang, although honestly I'm flexible so if you need to handwave something with him feel free to ask me.

See y'all on the other side!

- Jen


Sep. 16th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Hi MoM!

Just letting you all know that I will be on a slowatus starting from tomorrow right until next week. I will be out of the country and doing some sightseeing in Berlin!

Will hit things up when I get back, and I'll try to keep on top on what I do have!

This affects Bela here and Laurel ([personal profile] lightinside)

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Sad days, friends, but I won't be bringing Harry back from his canon update after all. I've been struggling with tags, and although I was really excited to be in MoM again I just can't make it work right now. But I had a blast while I was here, you're all awesome and I hope to be back someday!
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Fellow MoMers, I've already mentioned this on Plurk but I wanted to let everyone know I may be slow for the next few weeks. I work at a library and it's that wonderful time of year when high school students arrive en masse to drown us in requests for books and bound magazines. I've passed AC for the month so I'm not going to declare a formal hiatus, and I WILL still be tagging, I just may go several days between tags. All the running around makes my bad leg crabby and makes it difficult to rustle up the brainpower to tag. If you need to handwave anything just shoot me a Plurk at [ profile] shurimon or hit me up on Discord at Yedong#9491.

This affects Tina Belcher [personal profile] continuousgroaning. Thanks for your patience!


Sep. 15th, 2017 11:50 am
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Hey all! I'm going to be taking an RP break for the rest of the month - nothing dire, I've been feeling some general burnout and decided the best way to deal with that is to go on a self-imposed break to recharge. I wish I could say that I'll be tagging during this time, but truthfully it isn't much of a break if I'm still doing tags.

That said, all my threads are going to be put on a pause and I'll tag them back when I return. If by then it's been too long and you want to move on and drop it, that's 100% understandable! If you want to talk to me I'll still be on Discord @ Marion#8374, as my plurk use will be limited since I majorly use it for rp.

This applies to Loma Shade and Jotaro Kujo ([personal profile] jojoceanman)! Both will be on auto-pilot (though Jotaro in specific is leaving civilization to go out to sea until month's end.) Have a good rest of the month!
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Just a handy update on the state of the MK: from the 16th MK will be porting out for 24 hours for a canon update. She’s going to be making a pretty big jump, going from the Helsinki comics to the very beginning of season one, which something like a twelve year gap. It’ll set her roughly on par with Beth, chronologically. Hooray for awkward moments.

There won’t be any changes to her powers, but she’s going to be even less excited about being social, have over a decade of living on the run under her belt, and basically be a very sad little potato chip. On the plus side, she’ll also have twelve years more hacking and tech experience under her belt, so maybe there’ll be some snazzy upgrades for the dating sim on the way, once she remembers that is a thing that she made. (And probably judges her teenage self, a little.)

And a sidenote: she’s a bit ridiculous to try and get CR going with because she’s so reclusive and terrified, but if you’re into the idea then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
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Allo all! I'm GW, and new here. I'll be bringing in Bruce Banner, of Marvel Comics fame, and throwing him around the game for fun times.

A few important notes:

* I am bringing him in from recent canon, right before his canon death. At this point in time, he no longer was the Hulk, and thus in the game, won't be either. The Porter has gifted him some nifty new powers which are spelled out on a powers page in his journal.

* He is still the angriest one there is. He has severe rage issues. Not having the Hulk to become will make him angrier sometimes. And other times, very happy. aka, he is one unpredictable ass, sometimes.

* He's a scientist and a doctor, so he is available for all your import!friendly doctoral needs and such.

I am open to all plots and idea!

As for me, I'm an old married rper who loves the game and the writing.
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I am moving house tomorrow (12th), and although I'll do my best to sort out internet access quickly it might take awhile. Luckily there's a library just down the street so I will be able to post, I just won't be around quite so much, probably for around a week or so.

I doubt anyone will miss Gemini much ;)
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This week (September 12th if all goes as planned) there will be an ambush by organized crime elements in Maurtia Falls, targeting five specific imPorts. Jacob Taylor, Kanaya Maryam, Sabriel, Manabu Yuuki, and Major Motoko Kusanagi all used to be members of a crimefighting team called Archangel that made a lot of enemies in the Maurtia Falls underworld in their vigilante campaign against corruption. A gang called the Archdemons, spurred by recent anti-imPort sentiment, is going to make a play for revenge, and to make a name for themselves by killing five imPort heroes. And your characters can get involved in thwarting this scheme- or aiding it, for the villainously inclined!

-Archangel veterans will be lured to an abandoned construction site (which used to be where their base was before it burned down after a battle with the police. Long story.) by falsified messages purporting to be from each other
-Once the five targets are gathered, power nullifiers hidden in the building will activate, shutting down imPort powers inside the structure. This will be the cue for dozens of armed gang members to attack from all directions, led by the five Archdemon leaders, who are all metahumans with powers of their own that aren't affected by nullifiers!
-Most Archangel characters will be injured in the melee! At the height of the crisis, police trainee and confirmed cinnamon roll Manabu will shoot the gang leader, Asmodeus, to death with bullets to keep him from killing his friends! Manabu will be made to do community service and be subject to probation for this slaying.
-After this, other imPorts will arrive alongside local police, drawn by the ruckus or contacted for help, and assist in destroying the nullifiers and defeating remaining criminals. The fracas will appear in the Majority Report on the 20th.

-Sign up to be the hacker to helps the Archdemons lay their trap by sending false messages
-Sign up to be hired by the Archdemons to help beat down these meddlesome heroes
-Sign up to be a hero and help rescue Archangel from this ambush

Basically, there will be one log divided into sequential prompts for the meeting, the initial ambush, the tide turning, and the aftermath of the brawl, capped by a Majority Report submission summarizing the evening's events and consequences for the public. Comment below if you want to get involved or have any questions!

ETA: The log is now up!
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I'm sure that all of you intrepid daters are eager to see who you've all been matched up with, so without further ado, here's the list of matches! To our two players who took on double-dates, thank you for your willingness to play out more than one thread; it was much appreciated!


And what a wonderful bunch that is! And for some questions you may have...

I forgot to sign up! Can I still play?

Absolutely! Plot around with your fellow characters, and you can just say that they were randomly matched up. This was just to facilitate some fun new CR!

My characters are already going out, but I want to use this as a date log. Can I just say they cheated the system?

Absolutely. You rascals.

Things are getting hot and heavy, so --

Not on my post, please! Switch to an inbox. Rusty Venture does not deserve intimacy being performed so near his journal.

And that's it! Please check out the date log HERE.
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hey all! my name is laura and i'm new here! i'm bringing in betty cooper from riverdale. she's the girl-next-door, a Nancy Drew of sorts and hates being called perfect. her power is vehicular manipulation (which means she can mess with all manner of transportation, from turning it on, controlling them, changing aspects of the vehicle with only a touch or a look). oh and she's bffs with archie andrews and veronica lodge and from the end of the first season!

i'm excited to play with y'all!!!

+1 Eeyore

Sep. 8th, 2017 07:22 am
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Hey everyone! It's Devi again, and this time I play everyman Eddison "Dolorous Edd" Tollett from Game of Thrones! He's a sourpuss, cynic of a man who just loved to point out how his life sucked, and how everyone else suck. He lives in De Chima 008 and his job is being the weatherman on De Chima Channel News 6.

His canon point is from Season 7, Episode 1, but it's not going to be super spoilery on his side of things. (And believe it or not, I was about to app book!Edd since there's better content for him, but then the show set up the greatest joke of all time for Edd at the season finale and how can I not app show!Edd after that)

I could provide a gif, but really, everything you ever need to know about him is in this clip:

And I wish I was kidding.

Anyway, I don't have a discord, but I have a plurk over at [ profile] devimelete
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G'day! I'm Alex, bringing in Jesse Pinkman from AMC's Breaking Bad. :D I'm stuck on my phone with crappy phone internet, so I have no pretty gifs to share. :c But Jesse is being Ported in (or Ported back in, I guess you could say, seeing he was here for three years under a different player!) from a canon point towards the end of season 4. He's been assigned Nonah individual housing, and his assigned job is illustrator for IMPORTED COMICS.

Jesse's powers are:
Healing Kiss - Jesse can literally kiss all your characters' ailments, illnesses and maladies away);
Illustrated Reality - Jesse can conjure living and non-living things into existence through drawing, and they all take form in cartoon or comic book style - AND the things he creates will talk (think Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, where cartoons interact with people). Even better, they'll all talk like Jesse, being they're from his mind, so he could, for instance, draw your character a pair of cartoon shoes that call your character a bitch while wearing them (or following your character around everywhere);
Inhibition Negation - Through touch, Jesse has the ability to release a person from their inhibitions and emotional repressions, and corrupt that person by causing them to give into their most primal desires. In this way, Jesse has the ability to bring out the absolute worst in even the most lawfully good person.

CUT BECAUSE THIS GOT A BIT LONG, lmao I'm sorry. Explaining some stuff wrt previous Jesse's businesses, established cr, and stuff. )

I have IC info for Jesse here for anyone who wants to read it, general permissions here, Jesse's inbox here, and a big post of visuals here in case people want to get a general visual idea of Jesse.

Last thing (sorry this post is so long!), I'm in Sydney for a week from today visiting family and friends and stuff, so I won't have much chance to do things until I get back on Wednesday next week. I'm also in Australian EST (UTC +10hrs; about 9hrs ahead of UK time and 14hrs ahead of US est). Not the greatest timezone for rp! Haha.

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HELLO! i'm exxie, and i was here a while ago, but now i'm back with alex fierro from rick riordan's asgardian series. she's a genderfluid shapeshifting child of loki, inclined toward sarcasm and suspicion, and maybe kind of thinks magnus is ok... probably.....

anyway, she's technically in maurtia falls #006, but her housemates have probably only had a glimpse of her before she disappeared again, so there's that.

feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] metamorphmagus if you want!!
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Hi, I'm very new and my name is Hal, bringing in this definitely not going to be a problem for anyone sweetheart named Enrico Pucci.

He's from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which very much lives up to it's name, and is a priest. I apologize ahead of time for not knowing literally anything about religion half the time, let's hope google is true and doesn't lead me astray. What's there to say... he loves rambling, gravity, Dio, doing cool cherry tricks and generally being a baffling human being. His Stand likes being a complete jackass so there's that too.

My plurk is dichotomy, feel free to add me and what not. I basically only use it for rp.


Sep. 6th, 2017 09:52 pm
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As some of you may already know thanks to Plurk, I'm living in a house while renovations go on around me. It's pretty noisy, dusty, loud, headachey. All the fun things that happen when builders work, and headphones only do so much before I risk my hearing.

This is going on for the foreseeable future; I'd love it if everything happened in the projected month, but with the extent of things. Yea, no. Not happening, and I've already been living with it for about a month.

What this means is my tagging speed with Nikolai ([personal profile] namesaquestion) and Vos ([personal profile] wearmyface) is going to remain pretty slow, though I will do my best to not be slow.