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That is the big question, isn't it? Characters get the spiel, sure, but it's up to them if they choose to accept that answer or not. What we want to do is be able to keep track of what is what, who is where, so on and henceforth, which is why this post will now be linked with every new Swear-In log so that every character can be counted even on the OOC level.

We'd also like to outline some of the bigger differences between the choices, although more may develop as the game and the plot progresses.


The default, the straight-and-narrow, the choice that gets you the goods. REGISTERED HEROES get free housing, job security, free medical insurance/benefits, a legal pardon/allowance to work outside the law enough to superhero effectively (as the case may be) while still working and being coordinated with the law, not against it. Vigilantes are illegal, after all, and the general public is willing to temper their wariness toward superheroes only when they are registered imPorts.


To be UNSETTLED is not to say you're off the grid and it is not signing yourself up to be a vigilante outright, but you're off the government's grid enough that they will say, for National Safety reasons, they can't afford to vouch for you. You can stay in your house if your housemates will let you, but if they decide to boot you out you have no more ownership of that space. You are on your own for work, for health benefits, and of course any superhero/vigilante work you do will be considered illegal and will be regarded with appropriate wariness and legal action, such as the cases may be. All characters who are not registered will have their assigned work status adjusted to "probationary" before they are let go from their position.


Registered heroes are eligible to apply for or receive any assignment listed on the monthly assignment posts, but they are not required. They are, however, required to complete any assignments they commit to.

Unsettled characters will still be eligible to apply for or receive assignments as they are considered a way to encourage anyone Unsettled to register, although they will be eligible for different and in some cases fewer assignments than a Registered character would be. However, they will also not be subject to any inherent consequences if they commit to an assignment but do not complete it.

Please respond to this post with your name, your character's name, and their current status. Do not reply to your comment unless you are doing a catch-all top level for yourself so that if your character does change statuses at any point you can edit it.
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Hello, everyone! As one of our lovely helpstaff members has now dropped - a big hand of applause for all of Kates' help for goodness knows how long; she was an invaluable part of our team! - we are now opening Helpstaff Applications! Before submitting your applications, please think carefully about your decision to commit to helping the game - while our helpstaff is extremely vital to running this game, we do require our helpstaff to update the pages they're responsible for in a timely manner! If you believe that you are able to accomplish this, please, read on.

We are currently looking for an additional 1-2 members of our helpstaff. Currently, we need help with Activity Check and upkeep of the Calendar Page, although we also call upon our helpstaff to sub for other pages from time to time when other members of our helpstaff are unavailable. Unlike upkeep of other pages, these tasks take place only at the beginning of the month. They require plenty of dedication - there's a lot of activity to get through! - but they don't require the same month-long commitment as other helpstaff duties. The modstaff is also involved in these duties, so we'll be very present to help you along the way!

If you are interested in applying for a helpstaff position and have been in game for at least two months, please feel free to fill out the Prospective Helpstaff form below!


Comments are screened. The deadline for helpstaff applications is July 1st. Thank you in advance for your consideration!
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Hello everyone!

Sherlock will be porting out for 24 hours (June 18) and will be back with a brand new power set, empathic shapeshifting, empathy, and emotion amplification.

If you have CR with Sherlock or would like to, please fill out his Permissions Form.

Empathic Shapeshifting, for fun and profit! Being your friends!

Sherlock will now have the ability to shapeshift based on his emotions, as well as empathically pick up on people's emotions. You can choose a form for Sherlock to take based on your character's emotion! Please fill out the form at the link above. (Note: It's not necessary to pick a form, after all, most characters will go through any number of emotions in any given encounter, but this is just for fun if you'd like to have a go at making him look like someone or turn into something!)
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What's up folks, this is Pash. (Hit me up at plurk @ [ profile] pashchan ) I have been looking at this game for a while and I'm here to introduce this miserly bitch:

Nun Too Holy Indeed...

This lady here is Eda from the anime/manga filled with guns and bad bitches, Black Lagoon. (The series that will get you high off action anime.) She's a C.I.A agent/weapon seller that truly gives no fucks about anything but the dollar and herself, but for now is happy with playing the part of a hero, but will look for... opportunities. (She'll do ANYTHING for money, heroic and villainous things alike.) Her powers include (untrained) minor telekinetic powers, and (spotty) kinetic energy.

You can meet her here.

I look forward to superhero shenanigans! :D 
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HEY GUYS, who's ready for some clone shenanigans? Or, in this case, attempted clone shenanigans gone horribly wrong.

a cut to save your reading pages )


Jun. 16th, 2017 08:21 am
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Hey guys. Sorry if this is really abrupt, but I'm taking a full hiatus both in game and OOC. Real life has taken a nosedive into abyssal levels of shit in the last 24 hours, and I need to get some things sorted out before I can consider braining online interactions.

Haen is on autopilot, but if it ends up that I'm going to be away for longer than a week, I'll update and have her Ported out.
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Hello MOM, I'm Kit. I'm bringing in this city boy turned garbage dweller, Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. He's coming from roughly the end of vanilla Persona 4. He uh will be a little over dressed on arrival since it's December presently where he got pulled from. For those unfamiliar he's kind of ridiculous with his general intensity and enthusiasm. He aims to be social and make friends but it comes off kind of forced at times and he can be kind of dense to the social cues from girls (I am so sorry). Otherwise he is the biggest klutz known to man in normal day to day situations and has a bad habit of finding himself on his knees in pain or in the trash (sometimes both). But put him in a combat situation and he's suddenly all grace and agility. Oh other important stuff he'll be living in DeChima #006 so roommies hello I look forward to them rolling their eyes at him so much. And when he isn't being a terrible student he'll be working part-time at Premium Purchase in their TV Sales Department. Ngl I got a serious kick out of that since a huge part of his canon involves him and his friends climbing into TVs to go fight monsters with their personas. As for powers he'll still be able to summon his Persona Susano-O (which I will be probably making a nice page for later this week on his journal) and Situational Luck and Agility which basically grants him betters odds of dodging attacks and landing attacks than most of your typical fighters. Feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] Kitera or Discord @ Kitera#1934. I look forward to playing with everyone and getting Yosuke into all sorts of trouble.
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no surprises here. aerith is going home for good this time.

i can't keep up with the game with the family stuff i'm going through and it's only gonna get worse from here. i don't need the added stress of trying to keep up when i just can't anymore.

this is a hard decision to make when so much of aerith's remaining cr is so good. i'm gonna miss all of it. this iteration of aerith turned out so different and it's a shame to lose it.

hmu on plurk if you ever wanna PSL.
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Hello MoM! My name is Levy and I'm bringing in Arima Kishou from Tokyo Ghoul: re. He's right after a certain chapter that is a huge spoiler so if anyone doesn't want mentions of it feel free to message me or hit me up on my permissions post!

Arima is basically the surrogate dad figure of Kaneki, or Haise, as he was called before he regained his memories. He's stoic, quiet, and a really scary combatant. But otherwise he's just a normal dude with white hair in his 30s, nothing weird about that at all. He's also bad at the whole being...human thing and could use some pointers on having fun and stuff. /sweats

He'll be working as a model at a glasses store, so someone please save him?! What is this job. He only knows how to kill things. His two new super powers are immunity to cutting (no bladed weapons can hurt him) and weapon materialization (his permission post about that power is here) since it'll allow him to copy and create any weapon he wants!

But if anyone has any questions or anything like that, regarding his power or otherwise, you can add me on plurk at: [ profile] pathogenic

It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to playing with everyone! (ノ*゜▽゜*)
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HI EVERYONE this is Myriad again! I was in MoM last year with Harrison "Grumpy Cat" Wells and Kara "Literal Sunshine" Danvers Zor-El, and now I'm back with Harry "But I Am The Chosen One" Potter. Harry is coming from the summer before his fifth year at Hogwarts, the day before the Dementor attack. He's only just turned fifteen, he's not hearing from his friends, he has no idea what's going on, and he's pretty angry about it, but in true Harry Potter fashion he'll blunder his way into answers. He's living in Heropa #4 (ROOMIES COME AT ME) and working as a part-time clerk at the Pottery Shack because of course he is, and he'll actually do it.

I'll be dropping Harry into the Swear-In and/or making him a post very soon, this weekend is keeping me busy, but I'm so happy to be back. I love crosscanon everything, I love the idea of Harry meeting superheroes, I'm very okay with fourthwalling go ahead give him something else to be mad about. Someone teach this boy to throw a punch. Hit me up at [ profile] voxmyriad or on discord at voxmyriad#7053, or send me a PM, let's do stuff!
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Hi there, MoM!! My name is Caity and I'm bringing in this shapeshifting green goofball, Beast Boy from Teen Titans! (aka Garfield Logan, but y'all will learn that name over his dead body.) I'm entirely new to the game and a little bit!!! nerves!!! That said please come add me on plurk ([ profile] sekritsauce) or discord (asrielmemer#1394), because I'd love to get to know you folks.

I can't wait to hit everyone up icly with all the usual style and grace Beast Boy brings to the table!

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Hey everyone! I'm Zi, and I'm bringing along Iris West from season 2 (2x22, specifically) of the Flash (and the DCTV 'verse). As While she was a squishy human reporter back home, she'll be gaining a couple of neat superpowers during her time here: one, to summon caffeine (including coffee!) from hyperspace and two, to communicate in other languages without prior knowledge or training.

If you wanna catch me for plotting, I can be found either through journal PM or [ profile] guardblade. Just let me know you're from MoM somehow before adding, and we'll be good to go!! ♥ I'm so psyched to be here, and I can't wait for all the shenanigans!
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SUP EVERYONE this is Rho here to bring you some dude from some recent movie. Who even is this guy. It is a mystery.

I am super looking forward to playing this rad WWI dude in the game! Steve Trevor's canon has been out all of ... what, a week? So if you either a) don't want me to hit you up or b) would prefer I white out spoilers in his comments to you, please hop on over to his permissions post here! I'll also try to be conscientious about unmarked ones as much as possible.

If you wanna friend me on Plurk, I'm [ profile] katoptron over there! That's where I mostly hang out, but I am also Rho | Miles#9327 on Discord if you'd like to poke at me there as well. Hit me up either way and I will be delighted to plot all kinds of good stuff with you! This goes for my other characters (Miles Vorkosigan, Yuuri Katsuki) as well.
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Howdy, heroes! My name is Nata, and I am the freshest of fresh meat in this game. With me, I bring May, the female protagonist from Pokémon 7.8/10 Too Much Water Alpha Sapphire. She's a spunky 12 year-old girl that saved the world from primordial flooding and death by meteor, became Champion of the Hoenn League, and also has time to be a cute idol as a side job. She's coming from the end of the Delta Episode subplot, which means that she'll have plenty to say to a Certain Fake Pirate Who Shall Remain Nameless, but is ready to do even more world-saving stuff. She'll be coming not only with the ability of power augmentation, but with a portion of her first-class Pokémon team. Woohoo!

If you'd like to do some fun plotting stuff (or just add me, I'm a very nice person I promise), you can reach me over at [ profile] aspertia and discord as lilycove #2584. I can't wait to start playing with you all!


Jun. 9th, 2017 07:17 pm
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Hey everyone, Zak here.

I currently play Angela Ziegler (Mercy from Overwatch) but I'm bringing in a second character, Tailgate from IDW's Transformers MTMTE comic. He's from #47 so a lot has happened to him and his specific point is at the end of the issue when he goes all super nova.

Editing to say he lives in Heropa #006 so hello roomier! He's also working as a decal artist at Artiste Auto.

Feel free to add me on plurk @ [ profile] zakurai and Discord @ Zakurai#9462
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Hi, MoM! Pax again, here with my second character: Myrcella (Lannister Hill) Baratheon from Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire! I've taken her from 5x10 after she died, so she's going to have an interesting time dealing with the fallout of that and being here.

One of her powers is generating and manipulating poison, so I've gone and set up a permissions post for that here. If you'd rather she not use that ability around your character at all, please drop me a line!

Otherwise, feel free to PM me or hit me up on plurk if you'd like to plot. I'm excited to get her involved!
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Happy Thursday, Mask or Menace!

As of noon today, Tony Stark will be ported out for the first time in like... A million years for something very very special. A Canon and power update!

Many of you all will remember that I was an Asshole and bamboozled a lot of people with a good old switcheroo for some time, and while the superior iron man's digital copy was defeated, the real one was safe and sound back home -- until now! Tony will be coming back not only with his own shiny symbiote suit, but also fresh from his Superior Iron Man run!

When he comes back tomorrow afternoon, expect him to use the clone chaos to play up the fact that he's still the much more mild brand of Iron Man, and there will be no in game notification that he's not around, so enjoy him playing the good old "it's not me" game for a bit longer before he gives up the ghost at the end of the month.
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Hi friendos! I'm Thalia and I played here for a couple months like a year ago! 

And now I'm back! This time I'm coming in with Matt McGinnis from Batman Beyond! Specifically from the comics.  Specifically specifically from the Future's End run that's still currently going on.  Because it's really the only run that has him as a pretty major character and gives him a a rather good amount of character development.  I've posted his app in his journal in case you're unfamiliar with Future's End and want to read my attempt at explaining some of it.

Anyways! Matt is Batman's (aka Terry McGinnis') little brother. He is aware of the fact.  He's a snarky little thing that really doesn't have much of a censor on his mouth and his ability to get into places that he should probably Not Be is pretty much a super power on it's own (and considering for the game I'm giving him the powers of Phasing through stuff and invisibility he'll be able to getting even MORE places that he should Not Be).He's pretty much Robin at his point in canon except without the name, official costume and sweet gadgets (unless he 'borrows' stuff from the cave which he may or may not have done before).  HE ALSO USES FUN FUTURE LAND SLANG SO GET READY FOR THAT. 

He'll be living in Nonah #004 aaand if you wanna plot or chat my plurk is [ profile] candlecane (haven't used my plurk in a while but don't be scared! I really only use it when I'm active in a game and I haven't been in one for a bit now)
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Hello! This is Claire, player of Kyle Conlen. Awhile back I made an OOC post about the idea of a Youth Center for teens and young adults that will teach teens with powers to use those powers for good as sup heroes.

Well, now that FanPort has hit I will be promoting this idea through a panel, and that's where YOU come in!

"Youths in Action" (title pending) will be a discussion about the pros, cons, questions, etc. of teenagers helping in their communities as masked heroes. Any characters are free to attend, but if you would like to help more directly, continue reading.


Listen, part of being a hero is having fans and being an advocate! Would your character like to make a cameo during the panel and answer a Q & A session? This session will simply be a list of answers your character gives ICly from a list of anonymously submitted questions by the playerbase. They can be ICly submitted, so feel free to troll if you wish.


Kyle's a good boy, but he really can't do this alone. Are there any heroes (if character chooses to remain masked, that's totally cool) to help him with organization, advertising, and lecturing alongside him?


I need the playerbase to submit questions to Kyle in general, or to specific heroes who sign up to cameo. These questions can be submitted by the player, or ICly through a character. So, please get as creative as you'd like!


Kyle would prefer not to have sponsors connected to his future youth center, but he would be happy with any donations leading CEOs, senators, ambassadors, or imPorts would like to give. He's also looking for teens interested in applying or any adults willing to guide a team of kids or teach at the center in the future.

If any of these things interest you, please leave some comments! The more willing and active people involved with this project, the easier it will be to get off the ground!

Thank you!
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Hey everyone! This is Jansen, just letting everyone know that I'll be dropping Barnaby, which means I'm also dropping MoM.

It was a hard decision, especially since I've been in the game for a few years now. But because I'm in the process of quitting my job and getting ready to move back to the States in order to transition into a new career, I realized RP isn't a priority for me right now, and it would be better to clear up some much-needed head space while I get my life sorted.

Love y'all lots. Major props to the mods for all the time and energy they pour into such a lovely game. ♥ I hope I can come back again someday! :)